Sometimes I find myself watching my kids play, and I feel overwhelmed by fear.  Fear for the future, fear of what’s happening in our society and our environment, fear of what their lives will be like in the world they are inheriting.

Watching TV recently hasn’t helped.  Have you been following the BBC’s brave and excellent “Years and Years” drama?  If so, you’ll know what I mean when I say I’m terrified of the society we’re creating.  It’s a bleak and frightening vision.  And Hugh’s War on Plastic is – yet another – wake up call for what we’re doing to the environment.  He’s found plastic dumped overseas that clearly comes from the UK – plastic we thought we had sent for recycling…  With the Extinction Rebellion movement telling us we have 12 years to save the earth, and that the truth about climate change is much worse than we think…  Well, it all adds up to a lot of fear, and sometimes, a feeling of hopelessness.  What Can We Do?

At 4theRegion, we know there is something we can do for our kids’ futures, if we all work together, across this region, with a shared sense of purpose and a shared vision of what we want.  We believe in the power of people to change the world, and we’re working hard every day to remind people that the future of this region is in OUR hands.

We think what we need is an alternative vision – for the region, and ultimately, for the world.

An alternative to the frightening, hopeless images we are bombarded with.  An alternative to the continuing decline of society, the planet and the economy that plays out in the media – and in real life – every day.

When we have a clear vision of what we WANT, we feel inspired, empowered and determined.  When things feel hopeless, an inspiring vision gives us something to hold on to, something to work for, a reason to keep moving forward. 

I’ve experienced this myself recently.  By connecting with a vision of what I want, an alternative vision of the future as I would wish it to be, I’ve gone from feeling afraid and powerless to feeling inspired and empowered.  It takes a few minutes, and, believe me, it makes All the Difference.

What we need, is an INSPIRING, EMPOWERING vision of the future we WANT.

So today I’m launching a project to collate inspiring images of the future from people across this region.  I’d like to know WHAT YOU SEE, when you imagine life in South West Wales ten years from now, exactly as you would wish it to be.  Take a pen and paper, take 10 minutes, and sit down quietly to really imagine an alternative future.  Here’s the question I’d like you to answer:

Imagine you have woken up, 10 years from now, and everything is exactly as you WISH it could be.  Imagine picking up a copy of The Economist or some other magazine, to find that South West Wales is featured on the front cover, for the amazing transformation that has taken place in our region.  What are the headlines, what’s the article about, how does it describe the region in 2030, what’s different and what’s life like?

This is the question I sat down to answer on Tuesday night, and it unlocked some amazing, inspiring visions for me.  Visions that have got me excited about the future and more determined than ever to help make change happen.

I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours!

Email me at with your inspiring vision of the future – in whatever form that might take.  If we get a few of them, we’ll arrange an event to share them with others, and bring people together to envision the future we want for South West Wales.  Then we’ll set to work making them real. 

Are you IN?

Future Visions Call for Submissions
Send your submissions to or by Whatsapp to 07789 226 457

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