Swansea Creative Focus Advent Calendar
Day Four: 04/12/2019

It may not quite have the cachet of Christmas Day or Valentines Day, but the fourth of December is National Cookie Day.

This isn’t a long-standing tradition – it’s barely three decades old – but those of us with a sweet tooth have reason to be grateful to Matt Nader, CEO of the San-Francisco based Blue Chip Cookie Company. In 1987 Nader began advertising the date, handily sandwiched between Thanksgiving and Christmas, as an unofficial holiday. Soon Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster jumped on the bandwagon, it spread to other countries including Britain, and National Cookie Day was born.

Lauren Buckmaster wouldn’t be born for another decade, but today she is rapidly building a reputation as a manufacturer and retailer of distinctive, beautifully presented and frankly delicious home-made brownies. Cocoa & Drizzle Brownies is a Swansea success story, and in this case success tastes very sweet. As a law graduate with significant marketing experience, Lauren brings business acumen to the table along with a passion for baking. Her entrepreneurial flair is thriving in a city that offers a warm welcome for people of ambition and talent. As Lauren herself puts it:

“I’ve been running Cocoa & Drizzle for over a year and I’m delighted to be part of a vibrant, aspirational community of entrepreneurs. This is a great place to start a business and it’s been a thrill for me to find more and more people responding positively to something I take so much pleasure in doing”.

In the run up to Christmas, Lauren is offering a range of seasonal products that many of us will find hard to resist. Take your pick from Ferrero Roche brownies, Mince Pie brownies, Toblerone and After Eight brownies, Malteser Reindeer brownies, White Chocolate & Cranberry, Chocolate Orange, Rudolph the Reindeer and Christmas Pudding brownies.

Or don’t take your pick. Just try them all.

It is National Cookie Day, after all.

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