If you would like to be part of the temporary steering group, or if you have feedback or input you would like to contribute, please email

Here follows a report of the virtual meeting of the temporary steering group on the 10th September, 2020.  You can find a write up of notes from the steering group meeting below.


Jennifer provided the group with a draft copy of the Terms of Reference. The activity plan is to be used as a first draft in order to involve each member of the partnership in the process. The activity plan will be revised as necessary. Any specific amendments to the previously circulated terms of reference should be forwarded to Jennifer.  The updated terms of reference will then be circulated via email to allow members to make further comments ahead of the next Core Group meeting.  The Terms of Reference will be approved in the October meeting. Overall, the response to the presented terms of reference draft was positive. 

Partners signed up to be involved with SWWCo:  Traveline Cymru, Sustrans, PLANED, Swansea Environmental, Bay Trans, Pembrokeshire County Council, Natural Resources Wales, NPT Tourism, Great Western Railway, Haverhub. The group is keen to grow the organisations involved as Carmarthenshire currently lacks representation. As people become more involved in the wider group, there’ll be opportunity for them to join the core group.

Agreement with recording steering group members time and the approach of not asking for financial contributions at the outset. We had discussed so far that we are not asking for an upfront financial contribution from partners. As we agree activities, partners could agree to support certain projects or streams of work as costs/use of time are incurred. There needs to be a clarification on what is expected from each member. Historically, CRPs have been partly funded by the Welsh Government, train operators and local authorities. The support what people are looking for could be through finances, time or networking. The Steering Group then becomes a joint activity and not all down to the CRO. The steering group should be composed of active members with a good working relationship, instead of acting as a committee. 

The website will be focused on what our region has to offer for both visitors and locals. We want to represent what is along the lines without duplicating the work of others. User generated and community collaboration approach. 



SWWCo Community Rail Officer, Jennifer has been working with Ramblers Cymru to develop on-going walks across the SWWCo rail network. Seeking opportunities to work with schools to encourage passengers of the future. Jennifer to meet with counterpart CROs to share good practice and advice. 

Lewis Ward from Great Western Railway has expressed possible financial contributions for the CRP. GWR works very closely with CRPs along the GWR network, and SWWCo marks the 8th that GWR is working with. SWWCo to follow up with Lewis regarding this outside of the meeting.

John Davies of BayTrans shared that the organisation will soon be no more, but will continue promotion of sustainable transport. John is Involved as a director of the Heart of Wales Development Company. Will continue liaising between the two CRPs, Heart of Wales and SWWCo.

Gwyn Smith at Sustrans acts as an active travel advisor to the Welsh Government. 

Ceri Rees from Pembrokeshire County Council stated that he can represent the four authorities if need be, as Pembrokeshire is Chair of the Regional Transport Forum group.


  • Jennifer to create a simple pro-forma to capture the time that members of the steering group. It has a worth, especially with public sector funding.
  • If any members are getting involved in projects outside of the meetings, that time could be recorded.
  • The updated terms of reference will be circulated via email to allow members to make further comments ahead of the next Core Group meeting. 

  • The Terms of Reference will be approved in the October meeting.

  • Review priorities on an annual basis, they may change from different periods.
  • Future blogs about station adoption, generate interest for additional station adopters to join.

  • As we run more shared vision conversations around specific stations, people will emerge who want to be more involved in upkeep going forward.


  • Dawn Lyle, Zoe Antrobus – 4theRegion
  • Jennifer – South West Wales Connected CRP
  • Hugh Evans, Geraint MorganTransport for Wales
  • John Davies – BayTrans
  • Laura Webley – Neath Port Talbot Tourism
  • Philip McDonnellLow Carbon Swansea Bay & Swansea Environmental Forum
  • Jeremy MartineauFishguard & Goodwick Chamber of Trade & Tourism
  • Rhiannon-Jane Raftery – Wales & Borders, Community Rail Network
  • Gwyn SmithSustrans
  • Ceri Rees  Pembrokeshire County Council. 
  • Ellie JermanTraveline Cymru
  • Emma Morris, Lewis WardGreat Western Railway
  • Stuart Thomas, William MansfieldNatural Resources Wales