Luvlee Clothing caters to women 4’9” to 5’3”

Unique clothing brand which hopes to solve fashion fitting issues for petite women, Luvlee, debuts its first ever capsule collection.

The collection consists of six staple items for short women (4’9” – 5’3”) and have been designed for petite purchasers who might struggle to find the right clothing on the high street.

Whether it’s the perfect fitted leather trousers, that classic little black dress, Luvlee has a collection of staple garments that will take you from day to evening, with more pieces added later this year.

Swansea-born designer and founder Robyn Lee, herself 4’11”, knew at an early age that being short was a ‘niche’; not just that, but spent most of her teens and early twenties trying to frantically cultivate and ‘re-work’ clothes and styles to suit her small, petite frame. Robyn said: “I’ve grown up listening to lines like ‘short girls can’t really wear pencil skirts, as they cut them in half’ and ‘leather trousers and ankle buckles are for tall girls as they chop the ankle and make shorties look shorter.’ I really don’t believe that… I believe that these classic lines, the skirts, the trousers, the tops all need to be in the right proportions and then they will in fact, look perfect. It doesn’t matter if you’re five foot ten or four foot ten, the idea is that you can wear the clothes comfortably and look timeless.”

After years of chopping and changing her wardrobe, Luvlee was born, and houses a range of timeless and versatile garments for petite women, items that no closet shouldn’t be without. The emerging brand, is proving that being petite, no longer means having to compromise on the styles you want to wear.

The Kourtney Little Black Dress (LBD) was inspired by an endless search for the perfect fit by founder Robyn, who was attending an event and could not get a red carpet-style dress to fit her frame. The Kourtney LBD is fitted and proportioned with the torso, being short enough and small enough to compensate for a perfect length on the skirt element. The panelling detail adds a flattering shape to suit any size, from a slender size 4 frame to a more curvy 14 figure.

Luvlee’s debut collection is available in sizes 4-14 and can be shopped online at