For the time being, businesses are operating in a new reality. We don’t know how long it’ll be before our streets, shops and offices come back to life, but while we’re working in physical isolation we still need to connect with our clients. And if we want them to buy from us, we can’t expect them to lower their standards.

When you send a client a new business quote, you’re telling them exactly who you are. You’re telling them how serious you are about presentation. You’re telling them how rigorous your procedures are. You’re giving them reasons to trust you.

Social distancing removes your ability to earn client trust face to face and limits your ability to draw on the resources of an office and a supporting team. The good news is that QuoteOnSite have got you covered. This innovative Swansea business, started in 2017 by husband and wife team TJ and Elaine Amas, offers clients a choice from a wide range of proposal templates, each one visually appealing and impeccably professional. It adds immediate credibility to your sales documentation, wherever you’re working from.

And now it will do those things free of charge.

We’ll let TJ Amas tell you why.

So many businesses offer first class products and services and are finding at this challenging time that they don’t have sales documentation in place to do them justice. That may be because remote workers don’t have full access to their company documents and templates, or it may be because those documents aren’t yet set up. Either way, good professional companies are missing out on business opportunities that could sustain them. QuoteOnSite can help.

For the next two months we’re offering free access to our platform for any business of any size. Your remote teams will be able to start creating, sharing and managing sales documents from any location, just as our existing clients are doing already, and like them you’ll soon see the benefit. These are challenging times and businesses ought to be in it together. We want to succeed by helping others succeed. Right now that means giving, not selling.

Among the services on offer are:

  • Free setup on the QuoteOnSite platform
  • Free access to the full range of proposal templates, and expert coaching in creating your own customised templates. The dedicated QuoteOnSite team will help you find a balance of style and simplicity that appeals to your clients.
  • Free use of the ContactOnSite Plugin, an invaluable tool that gives your prospective customers visibility of your most popular services and gives you inbound leads based on their browsing
  • Immediate ability to create ad hoc invoices through a payment scheduling tool, build client trust by offering transparency in quotes, and generate automatic chase-up reminders for overdue quotes and invoices.
  • Fully centralised quote creation and quote management, giving your entire team remote access to an information library
  • Enhanced visibility, enabling your management team to see a full pipeline of quotes and their statuses, with a built-in profit and loss analysis to help you monitor profitability

Your free two months begins when you take up the offer. It will give your business an immediate shot in the arm, delivering presentational and organisational excellence that gives you the best possible chance of winning new clients and managing their needs efficiently.

At a time when so many businesses are searching for support, TJ and Elaine Amas and their team are putting their own financial considerations to one side and offering the hand of friendship. That’s what we call stepping up, and we’re never going to forget it. And yes, you can quote us on that.   

Book a demonstration of QuoteOnSite’s free service offer today, call them on 01792 823615 or email

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