In uncertain times, we are being advised to stay at home and distance ourselves from each other, close our doors and turn inward.  Which is problematic, because we know that our greatest strength, resilience and wisdom emerges when we are “in community”, when we work together and share resources. 

Here at 4theRegion we are focusing on the ever more important task of connecting the region of South West Wales – breaking down silos, connecting businesses, mapping the region’s strengths.

We are therefore encouraging people, businesses and organisations to connect with each other through our platforms, where we will be hosting empowering conversations and crowdsourcing the ideas, wisdom and strategy that will help us all survive and thrive in the months and years to come.


Zoom Conversations

Zoom is a video conferencing platform, and we will be hosting a number of events and conversations on Zoom over the coming weeks.  Check our Eventbrite page, register onto the events that interest you, and we will send you the Zoom invitation by email.

Our Slack Community

Slack is a group chat platform, and we already use it to host our Creative Focus conversations.  You can join the community and then add yourself to the “channels” that interest you, so you can share ideas and thoughts with likeminded people across South West Wales.

4theRegion Facebook Group

We have started a Facebook group for 4theRegion members and collaborators, as an alternative platform through which you can share your own news, views and updates.  We will share recordings of our Zoom events in this group.

4theRegion LinkedIn Group

Our LinkedIn Group is a forum for members and collaborators of 4theRegion to stay connected, share updates and be part of conversations about the future of South West Wales.  We will share recordings of our Zoom events in this group.