Our Services

4theRegion is a membership alliance of businesses, organisations and changemakers across South West Wales.  We can support your ambitions for the region in the following ways:


Organise an Event, for you, for the region

Our reach extends across South West Wales, from Neath Port Talbot to Pembrokeshire, and includes a diverse cross sector mix of businesses, organisations, communities, projects and people.  We are specially trained by the Flourishing Leadership Institute to facilitate co-creative events, ensuring a positive frame, an engaging format, and a focus on emerging action.

We’ll bring together the right people for the event, promote it and manage the invitations, circulate the agenda, plus organise the venue, catering and name badges if applicable.  We can also host and facilitate the whole thing in our own inimitable style.  The best events are 4theRegion events, so why not make change happen in partnership with us?  Our facilitation fee is £750 plus venue and catering costs.


Convene a Meeting, for you, for the Region

From among our network of regional leaders, business owners, experts and influencers, we can draw together the right people for your meeting or conversation, introducing you to the people you need to speak to, to make change happen.   We are experts at facilitating productive meetings, ensuring a positive frame, an engaging format, and a focus on action.

So, for the best meetings, connected to our broader collective mission for the region, and plugged into our unique and influential regional network, contact us today.  Our facilitation fee is £300 plus venue and catering costs where required.


Get Your Message Across, for you, for the region

If you’ve got a message for the people, businesses and communities of South West Wales, 4theRegion is ideally placed to share it.  We’ll work with you to design a tailored and targeted communications campaign to engage the right audiences in the change you are seeking to make, leveraging our social media reach, monthly email newsletter (5,000 subscribers), programme of events, printed publications, podcasts, blog and video channels.

We’re not a PR firm or a marketing agency, but we do provide a channel through which you can engage effectively with the region, and we’d love to help you connect with our engaged, purpose-driven network  If you’re a member of 4theRegion, you can access all this, and more, for free, included in your annual subscription (from £50 for individuals, £250 for businesses).  If you’re not a member, a 4theRegion comms campaign starts from just £300.


We subscribe to the vision of Wales set out by the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act (2015), and summarised by the seven Well-being Goals.  When we talk about making positive change happen, we mean changes that move us towards these goals – or what we like to call Universal Flourishing.


For us, it’s all about the changemakers.  The amazing individuals who are committed to doing things differently, who are standing up to Be the change they want to see.  We’re here to activate, support and champion changemakers, creating a collective movement to turn small changes into big ones, for the well-being of future generations.


It’s hard to make change happen when no-one’s talking to each other.  In our region, silo-working has reached chronic proportions.  It means effort is wasted with duplication, learning and ideas aren’t being shared, and the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.  It’s vital that we break down silos and enable real collaboration and knowledge-sharing, if we want to see progress and find new solutions.


We’re on a mission to transform the economy and society of our region, by supporting small changes that make big change possible.  We believe in the “the region” as an economic bloc, because it’s both big enough and local enough to mean something – emotionally, economically and environmentally.  And because we think we’re stronger together, pooling our strengths, sharing knowledge, and building resilience across counties.