A serial entrepreneur and author from Wales has launched a new business with the aim of helping businesses recover and achieve their potential in the wake of lockdown due to the coronavirus and a resulting economic downturn.

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Bernie Davies, a former lawyer, restaurateur, motivational speaker and owner of the Introbiz West Wales franchise, has formed Bernie Davies Global with the intention of helping businesses and other entrepreneurs navigate the pitfalls of getting back to a new normal post lockdown – and ready to embrace opportunities that emerge.

The business will leverage the skills of its founder as well as expert associates to provide support to individuals and businesses grappling with tough strategic decisions in the current economic climate.

It will also provide a range of more specialist services including behavioural profiling and personality testing; techniques designed to help individuals better understand their subconscious behaviours and own personality traits with the aim of helping them engage and relate to their staff and clients better. Bernie believes that “there will be strained relationships within the workplace coming out of lockdown. Some will be resentful of their colleagues who were furloughed whilst they were working extra hours. Furloughed staff will also be on the defensive returning to work. This is just one of the issues Businesses will need to be proactively preparing to deal with post lockdown.”

This cutting edge behavioural testing will also be key to Bernie assisting entrepreneurs and businesses to establish their unique personal brand and business culture coming out of lockdown.

Bernie boasts a remarkable C.V. An attorney-at-law by training, she became head of property at NewLaw Solicitors, a role in which he became successful networker and Dynamo Role Model for the Welsh Government. She has since built a career as a serial entrepreneur, business strategist, motivational speaker and author. She launched a much-loved chain of restaurants called Jamaican Jill’s and owns Introbiz West Wales a successful networking franchise.

She was also a founding council member of the South Wales Chamber of Commerce, chair of the Neath Chamber of Trade and has received numerous accolades including Best Caribbean Restaurant in Wales 2019, Swansea Black Icon 2019 and Excellence in Business 2017, an award associated with Black History Month.

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced some of her own business ventures to reinvent themselves but Bernie says she has found the business community incredibly supportive. This inspired her initially to launch a series of free online training videos and then to take things a step further and create a new company with the intention of helping other business adapt and thrive.

Bernie Davies said: “I have always loved meeting other entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals with the same passion and vision that I have – and helping them achieve their goals. In these challenging times, I decided this was the perfect time to form a new venture and work with a number of experts to do just that. We look forward to working with local businesses to help them empower their teams to work better, navigate the current economic conditions, revive their vision and increase their visibility.”

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