AB Access Control, the latest division of aluminium manufacturing and installation company AB Glass, has been appointed by a leading South Wales legal firm to enhance security at its offices with state-of-the-art biometric technology.

AB Access Control was recently contracted by JCP Solicitors to provide biometric access control technology across six of the company’s sites to improve its security and entry provision. An updated security system was needed to meet the needs of JCP Solicitors’ modern workforce, who frequently work across the firm’s various office locations.

The project saw AB Access Control undertake the installation of a Connective Touch flexi gold unit, including biometric door readers, high security video entry and keypad access control. The new system offers efficient entry using fingerprint recognition, alleviating the need for access via swipe cards and pin codes.

Justin John, director at AB Access Control, said:

“With the wide range of services AB Glass and AB Access Control offer, JCP Solicitors can rest assured that the latest technologies have been used across its office locations to provide swift and secure access control throughout its premises. The new security system complements the firm’s professionalism to its clientele in addition to improving access control for its staff.

“We are very proud to have partnered with Connective Touch on this project, which is a Wales-based research and development company that manufactures bespoke access control products. It specialises in fingerprint biometric technology, as such providing the next evolution in access control and security solutions. Expanding the range of products we can install for our clients through such valuable partnerships enables us to deliver the most innovative technologies to those businesses that are increasingly mindful of the need to invest in their security system.”

Seren Global Media