NPTC Group of Colleges has been congratulating all students receiving their results yesterday. In the face of another year disrupted by the global pandemic, the College achieved an incredible overall pass rate of 100 per cent. The College also gained a record number of A* results.

The Colleges A*- A are an exceptional 34.6 per cent with students achieving a remarkable 100 per cent pass rate in all 38 A Level subjects, over half achieved A*- B grades and 82 per cent achieved A*- C grades.

For the students who followed the Gifted and Talented Excellence (GATE) programme it is also good news with 92% achieving A*- A grades and 100% achieved A*- B grades. Our overall A*- E pass rate at A level stands at 100% and 101 students achieved triple distinctions grades in the Extended National Diploma qualifications, with 33 of our students achieving the highest possible grade profile of triple distinction stars (D*D*D*) which is the equivalent to three A* at A Level.

Eleven of those top passes were in sport, which is even more amazing, as Llandarcy Academy of Sport was transferred to the Health Board as a temporary Nightingale hospital during the pandemic. In addition to this, a staggering 354 learners successfully achieved the Advanced

Skills Challenge Certificate with an outstanding pass rate of 100%, with 68% achieving A* to C grade.

It is important to note that this year is like no other year. Our students and staff have undertaken an incredible amount of work in incredibly difficult circumstances. It would be far too easy to just make direct comparisons, but no students or staff have gone through a Global Pandemic in such important academic years and we want to celebrate their incredible efforts.

Both A Level and BTEC students adapted to on-line learning, focusing on their studies to arrive at what are once again, truly amazing results.  Many of the class of 2021 have secured places at top universities or got the qualifications to land their dream jobs.

Mark Dacey, Chief Executive Officer and Principal of NPTC Group of Colleges said: “I am incredibly proud and humbled by the results we have achieved especially in what has been the most challenging time for our staff and students, in more ways than one. Staff have adapted and sometimes completely changed their teaching practices to engage students in a whole new way. In turn, our students have adapted to these challenges, showing their commitment. These results are a testament to the dedication of our staff and our students in unprecedented circumstances. I am happy to provide the most heart-felt congratulations not just from myself, but the Colleges’ Corporation Board and Senior Management Team.”

NPTC Group of Colleges