Retailers and exhibition organisers large and small traditionally rely on footfall, and right now that’s a major problem. Entrepreneurs can either accept that limitation or they can seek out new ways to generate interest. Luckily for all of us, University of Wales Trinity St David has a track record of nurturing entrepreneurial spirit and encouraging innovation. A group of UWTSD students are leading the way in attracting positive attention online, and in the process they’re hoping to set a new world record.

Among 2020’s prospective graduates, UWTSD has an enterprising group of Advertising and Brand Design specialists who had planned to showcase local fashion talent this Spring in a vintage clothing pop-up shop and an end-of year fashion exhibition. With those ideas no longer feasible the group has come up with another.

On May 1st we will see the world’s first virtual advertising exhibition, opening up a range of new fashion designs to a global audience. Instead of limiting attendance to a local target audience, this exhibition will be open to anyone with internet access.

Iwan Dawson, a leading light in Swansea’s new wave of creative entrepreneurs, is looking forward to winning an online audience and putting Swansea in the record books:

“Using an online virtual space via the Artsteps website we can offer a truly immersive attendee experience. We don’t think this has ever been done before in the advertising industry, and we’ve put an application in to the Guinness World Record Association”.

You heard it here first. Swansea’s response to the enforced absence of retail and exhibition footfall isn’t just innovative, it’s record breaking. Let’s support this event and celebrate the world’s first ever virtual advertising exhibition.

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