Starting in early 2018, 4theRegion began a programme of events and conversations with people and organisations across the region, asking the question: What can WE do? Our message is clear: The future of South West Wales is in OUR hands, and we can achieve amazing things if we work together, pool resources, share knowledge and step up to make change happen – for ourselves, for our communities, for the region.

From all these conversations, we are now pleased to support and/or lead a number of emerging collaborative projects.  If you would like to get involved, suggest a project, or find out more – contact us!


In partnership with Transport for Wales, 4theRegion is setting up a Community Rail Partnership for South West Wales, to engage businesses and residents across the region around the rail network.

Swansea Creative Focus

Arising out of our City Centre conversations, a group of changemakers is taking on the challenge of grassroots regeneration in Swansea, with a focus on supporting and developing the creative and cultural fabric of the city.

Regional V.I.B.E.

Everyone agrees we have something special here in South West Wales, and that we should shout about it more.  We need a clear identity, a clear message.  So what exactly is our regional Vision, Identity, Brand and Emerging Future?


Our members keep us informed about the challenges and opportunities in their worlds, so we can connect the dots and facilitate greater collaboration.  Become a member to join our Sector Panels and Working Groups – have a voice, share your views and get involved in the mission to transform the region!

Destination & Tourism

Our members in the Destination and Tourism sector are working with us to promote the region of South West Wales as an amazing place to live, work and visit.

Professional Services

Our members in the Professional Services sector support our mission by helping us to connect with their clients and wider networks, and by providing specialist and advice and expertise.

Construction & Development

Our Construction and Development Sector Panel brings together members with an interest in Construction and Development in South West Wales.

Creative & Digital Economy

Our Creative & Digital Sector Panel brings together members with an interest in the creative and digital economy of South West Wales.

Business Support & Networking

4theRegion is a network of networks, bringing together many of the groups and organisations that offer business support, events and networking in South West Wales.

Circular Economy, Energy and Environment

Our members in the renewable energy, environmental, agroecology and sustainability sectors are working with us to transform the economy of South West Wales.