Our core purpose is to strengthen communication and collaboration across South West Wales, and we work across a broad variety of impact areas.  We support local authorities, universities and other partners to engage and involve people, by forming and facilitating partnerships and networks, or co-designing events and conversations.  We also make change happen through collaborative projects with businesses and independent changemakers.  If you think we could help your organisation with a potential project or partnership, please get in touch!


In partnership with Swansea PSB and Bwyd Abertawe, we are bringing together procurement and catering professionals from public bodies across Swansea and NPT, for a shared learning journey around getting more locally produced food into council, health, education and other public settings.


Our theme for 2024 is Opportunities, and our goal is to collate and amplify all the diverse opportunities for people and businesses in South West Wales – from jobs and careers, to local supply chain, to funding, training and volunteering opportunities.  Share their opportunities with us so we can celebrate everything our region has to offer!

Swansea Conference


We are making it easier than ever for you to join the conversation, make connections and share your ideas and updates with our vibrant cross-sector network.  Join us for a lunchtime Zoom discussion, on the third Thursday of every month, as we explore a programme of important Opportunity Areas for South West Wales.  Our monthly meetups are open to all and free to attend!



Working with Neath Port Talbot Council, we are facilitating a new local food partnership, which will bring together people, businesses and organisations interested in widening access and creating new markets for local and sustainable food, to strengthen NPT’s food economy and good food movement.  July 2023 to March 2024.


4theRegion is donating time and resource to support the day-to-day management of this new charity for South West Wales.  The Swansea Bay Foundation is a partnership of 12 established regional businesses, collaborating to give back to local communities.  To get involved or to apply for a grant, visit the website.

Swansea Conference


Working to create resilience in our food system, in partnership with Bwyd Abertawe and Castell Howell Foods, 4theRegion is coordinating a project to support more vegetable growing on Gower and surrounding areas.  We are connecting local growers with Castell Howell, to get more locally grown veg into their supply chain.



In partnership with local independent changemaker James Dovey, and his new initiative, 4theRegion is co-hosting a series of conversations with local stakeholders, about ideas and opportunities relating to Llanelli town centre.  As always, our role is to bring people together and facilitate open conversations, inspiring and empowering local people to create change.


19th November 2024 at Swansea Arena
This is a major regional event that brings together businesses, organisations and communities to connect and amplify all sectors of South West Wales’ green economy; from the circular economy, to the renewables sector, to nature restoration, food growing and sustainable development.


Dawn is on the organising group for a new project, to create a positive stories publication (community newspaper) for Swansea.  The Swansea Positive was crowdfunded during 2021, and the co-creation team is open to anyone who would like to get involved.  We need story ideas, contributors, and all kinds of help, so if you have an interest in helping to promote the positive side of Swansea, get involved!

Swansea Conference


7th March 2024 at Swansea Arena.  The annual Swansea Conference & Exhibition is an incredible day, showcasing everything that’s great about Swansea and hearing from the people, organisations and businesses who are making change happen.  This year’s theme is Opportunities!



South West Wales Connected is a Community Rail Partnership (CRP), funded by Transport for Wales and hosted by 4theRegion. We are connecting with communities along the railway line to support placemaking, community projects and joined up working, giving communities a voice and promoting sustainable travel and tourism for South West Wales.  Get involved!


Dawn is on the board of Grŵp, an organisation that is taking a community-led approach to building wellbeing and resilience in Pembrokeshire, organising local food festivals and community growing initiatives as well as delivering community assemblies.


The food and farming sector is vital to survival, differentiating it from other sectors. How can we support producers, shorten supply chains, develop climate resilience and improve the health and wellbeing of people, places and planet?


Dawn is a co-director of Wellbeing Economy Cymru (WE Cymru), an organisation that encourages new thinking about the purpose of Wales’ economy, and shines a light on new ways of living, working and thinking about value. WE Cymru hosts monthly discussion forums online.


Working on behalf of Neath Port Talbot Council, 4theRegion is hosting a new business forum and podcast series for the manufacturing, engineering and technology sectors, to promote knowledge sharing, innovation and growth.


On behalf of Swansea Council, 4theRegion convened the Green Recovery Conference & Exhibition in June 2022, to discuss key themes relating to Swansea’s green economy, with local businesses and organisations. Following this, we published the Swansea Green Business Report to collate the insight gained through the event.



We need greener, cleaner, healthier and better connected travel and transport infrastructure for South West Wales.  Our Regional Transport Conference in 2021 led to the creation of the regional transport manifesto, and a continuing conversation.

Getting Around Swansea


Working with SCVS and SEF, we helped to deliver an exciting project involving communities in addressing local transport challenges across Swansea.  By talking to people about their needs and ideas, we co-created and supported a range of pilot initiatives, showing the potential for Community-Led Sustainable Transport Solutions.  A suite of resources was developed and is available on the SCVS website.


Gower Field to Fork


In partnership with Castell Howell Foods and a number of Swansea-based organisations, we led a project in collaboration with Bishopston School and two local farms to demonstrate the benefits of getting locally grown food to schools.  Young people learnt about local food production, sustainability, cooking, marketing, and the plight of local farmers, while project partners learned about the barriers and opportunities for getting more local produce into school meals.  The project won a UK Yummy Award for Best Local Initiative Supporting Childrens Food in May 2023.



In partnership with Swansea University’s Enterprise Team, 4theRegion is building a new community for regional start-ups and entrepreneurs.  Connect, learn and grow with support from our regional alliance.  We’ll champion your business and make introductions, to give you the best possible start.  Join for just £5 a month.


On behalf of Swansea Council, 4theRegion is working with major organisations across Swansea to support them to buy more from within the city and the region.  The goal is to identify opportunities for more local sourcing, and work collaboratively to overcome real and perceived barriers.


Destination & Transport

Tourism is a key economic driver for the region.  An integrated, sustainable travel network is essential to prosperity and well-being.  We want to help partners collaborate better across the region to develop both.

Buy Regional

If businesses and organisations in this region buy more from each other, we can keep more wealth here in South West Wales, develop our supply chain, and create more opportunities for people and local businesses.

Development & Investment

Regeneration is something we should all do together.  How can we ensure that major regional projects are designed and delivered in a way that provides economic and social benefits for the region over the long term?

Well-being Region

In a fast changing world, we think the well-being economy will be the battleground of the next 10 years, and successful places will be those that build prosperity by prioritising people, health, quality of life, the environment and equality.

Circular Economy & Environment

A circular economy is restorative and regenerative by design, moving away from a linear economy (make, use, dispose), closing the loop to conserve resources and create sustainability for the long term.

Creative Economy

The creative economy is everything that relates to human creativity and ideas, IP, knowledge and technology. How can we support more creativity and innovation across our economy?