The new Community Rail Partnership for South West Wales wants to help promote the distinctiveness of local places by co-producing Welcome Banners with communities along the railway line. The intention is to produce the first of these in time for the spring, and to site the banners at train stations, to tell the story of what we love about our local towns, and highlight the hidden gems that exist in local places.


A number of community organisations have come forward to suggest useful local contacts or provide input for their Welcome Banners. We are liasing with Transport for Wales and the station manager for South West Wales, to agree where these banners should go and what form they should take. We want a smart but affordable solution that would enable us to update the artwork perhaps annually.


We need to produce a template design and agree the general format of these banners, and then work with local community organisations to collate content. If you would like to lead on this initiative for your local train station, please contact jennifer@southwestwales.co to get involved!