Milford Haven Community Signage


At the recent Shared Vision Meeting for Milford Haven Station, people noted that a major priority will be to keep local people informed about plans and proposals, to say “Change is Coming to Milford Haven Station - Be Part of It” - acknowledging that the existing facilities are inadequate and letting people know that people are working on solutions. In particular, we need to make sure people realise that the “shipping container” idea is a SHORT TERM interim solution prior to the Council’s major investment in the station.


Partners interested in progressing with the information board included Milford Haven Town Council, Milford Haven Port Authority, and South West Wales Connected community rail partnership. Given that the town board has recently created a new brand for Visit Milford Haven, this could be used on the board. Perhaps a double sided board, with a "Welcome to Milford Haven" side and a "Change is Coming" side - one for visitors, and one for the local community? If you would like to be involved in this, please email


South West Wales Connected will mock up some initial design concepts for further discussion. We will also talk to the Station Manager and Transport for Wales to get permission / agree the right type of sign board. In terms of funding, we will need to ask partners for a contribution to costs, once we have some quotes. South West Wales Connected can put some funds towards this in order to see it happen. We will convene a subgroup meeting once we have some initial design concepts, and we will circulate an email to all those who attended the first and second visioning meetings to see who would like to be involved.