Smart Wales Business Channel – SWBC

This week saw the launch of a new business channel in south Wales.

A WEB-TV channel about businesses for businesses in Wales.  Powered by the Media Suite, SOM, Swansea University and with a team of dedicated presenters and media suite staff they are planning the delivery of news and commentary from those in business in Wales.

In the first broadcast SWBC presenter Nigel T Packer is in conversation with Jayne Ludgate the founder and owner of Arcade Group (Llandyssil) Ltd.

In the conversation Jayne reveals some of the issues that she and her husband have had to overcome in starting, establishing and growing their stores and websites.

Find out more by watching this first episode on Vimeo 

Nigel T Packer runs a Digital skills training and consultancy agency, Pelatis Online Ltd and works extensively with companies to grow their business online.

Jayne has built an ecommerce website selling wood burners and associated products for the domestic market in the UK.

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