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Swansea schools take climate action

Egni Co-op has announced that solar panels have been installed on two more schools in Swansea, Pentrechwyth and Cwm Glas Primaries. More than half a megawatt of rooftop solar has now been installed...

2B Enterprising to deliver learning & development solutions benefiting thousands of young learners

Swansea based 2B Enterprising Ltd has set an ambitious target of working with 2,000 primary schools and educating more than 250,000 children over the next 4 years. The company creates learning and...

Tidal Range Moves Back Up the Agenda in Wales

Marine Energy Wales has been championing a fresh assessment of tidal range power generation in broad recognition of tidal range’s unique multi-generational operating life, extensive co-benefits and...

Swansea Station Shared Vision Meeting

SWANSEA STATION SHARED VISION MEETING South West Wales Connected is hosting community vision meetings across the region, in towns and villages around railway stations, to give local people more of a...

EEESafe Appliance Safety Register – Show Your Support for Circular Economy

4theRegion member EEESafe is a project designed to support a circular economy, waste prevention and creating local jobs where people live.  We all want to see less waste going to landfill, but when...

Peter Lynn and Partners Appoint Litigation Consultant

Regional law firm Peter Lynn and Partners Solicitors are delighted to announce the appointment of Scott Tuppen to their litigation team. Scott, who brings a varied breadth of legal and business...

Regional Transport Conference 2021

MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER 9th & 10th February 2021 A Major Regional Conversation About Transport, brought to you by Swansea Environmental Forum and 4theRegion, sponsored by Natural Resources Wales...

Milford Haven Shared Vision Meeting Part 2

MILFORD HAVEN TRAIN STATION SHARED VISION MEETING PART 2 South West Wales Connected is hosting community vision meetings across the region, in towns and villages around railway stations, to give...

Our Coast and Seas: Turning ideas into action

Event Summary & Next Steps ‘Our coast and seas’ brought together partners who had an interest in Welsh coasts and seas, to develop practical actions to overcome challenges, and identify what we...

Wales Beckons

Firstly there was NEI UK Ltd. (www.neiuk.co.uk) an outbound tour company based in the UK, set up in 1993, with India as their prime destination. It was never the intention to seek high numbers of...

There is great stuff happening across our region, but people don’t know what others are doing.  We champion the changemakers and share positive news, to connect likeminded people and great ideas. 

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Buy Regional

If businesses and organisations in this region buy more from each other, we can keep more wealth here in South West Wales, develop our supply chain, and create more opportunities for people and local businesses.

Destination & Transport

Tourism is a key economic driver for the region.  An integrated, sustainable travel network is essential to prosperity and well-being.  We want to help partners collaborate better across the region to develop both.

Development & Investment

Regeneration is something we should all do together.  How can we ensure that major regional projects are designed and delivered in a way that provides economic and social benefits for the region over the long term?

Well-being Region

In a fast changing world, we think the well-being economy will be the battleground of the next 10 years, and successful places will be those that build prosperity by prioritising people, health, quality of life, the environment and equality.

Circular Economy

A circular economy is restorative and regenerative by design. We must move away from our linear economy (make, use, dispose), closing the loop to conserve resources and ensure long term sustainability.

Creative Economy

The creative economy is everything that relates to human creativity and ideas, IP, knowledge and technology. How can we support more creativity and innovation across our economy?


Two new appointments at Coastal Housing

Two new appointments at Coastal Housing

Swansea-based Coastal Housing Group, which operates in south and west Wales, has made key interim appointments to its development team to support its current programme whilst retaining the flexibility and agility to respond quickly to...

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Circular Economy Members Forum

Circular Economy Members Forum

Thank you to our members who attended our Circular Economy Members Forum. What’s working well in the sector? What are the strengths and assets that we can work on? This report covers discussion from our members working in the circular economy sector.

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