Swansea City Centre Conference 2020

The second annual City Centre Conference is set to be an incredible day, showcasing everything that's great about Swansea and hearing from the people, organisations and businesses who are making change happen.  It's open to all, and YOU are invited! Whether you want...

The Art of the Possible – An Event to Procure Transformation

On 12th December, we're running an event in Swansea that we hope will open new possibilities for our regional economy.  The Art of the Possible is bringing the right people together to create a shared sense of purpose around keeping more regional...

Roundtable Report – Swansea Creative Quarter 2019

The creative quarter round table meeting arises out of the Swansea City Centre Conference run by 4theRegion in April. The intention is to look at what else can be done to keep the momentum up on Swansea High Street. What can we, as business owners, organisations and passionate individuals do to improve the area, visually and socially, increase footfall and make it a destination for Swansea residents and visitors to the City.

Roundtable Report – Renewable Energy Region

This event was organised in partnership with Low Carbon Swansea Bay and sponsored by FLEXIS.  The intention was to celebrate the growing Renewable Energy Sector of South West Wales, showcase the fantastic, diverse projects and initiatives going on across the region, and bring together business, academia and individuals to learn from each other and explore what else can be done to strengthen our renewable energy sector.

Roundtable Report – Food, Farming, Waste & Biobased

BIOBASED SECTOR ROUNDTABLETHURSDAY 19TH SEPTEMBER 2019NATIONAL BOTANIC GARDEN OF WALES A well attended roundtable meeting was held in Carmarthenshire to explore the food, farming, waste and biobased sector in South West Wales. The goal of the event was to share...

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After the Event: The Swansea City Centre Conference 2019 in Review

On Tuesday 9th April we were honoured to open the doors of the Leisure Centre, Swansea, to almost 600 people and businesses, for the first major cross-sector conversation about the future of the city. Our intention in organising this event was to champion all the...

Swansea City Centre Conference April 2019

2019 marks 50 years since Swansea was awarded city status - and this year sees the city going through an important renaissance. As major building works get underway, the face of our city is changing. But what about its heart and soul? What does the future hold for...

Wales Race Equality Conference, Swansea, October 2018

4theRegion was proud to co-host the Wales Race Equality Conference in Swansea in partnership with Race Council Cymru.  2018 marks fifty years since the Race Relations Act of 1968 came into force. And Monday 8th October gave the Swansea community an opportunity to look...