Swansea Creative Focus Advent Calendar
Day Six: 06/12/2019

For many of us, the focal point of Christmas lunch three weeks from now will be a lovingly roasted turkey. For Britain’s 600,000 vegans, though, it will be a different story. Over the past decade the number of vegans in this country has quadrupled, and specialist retailers supporting the lifestyle of those who avoid all animal products are becoming increasingly popular.

There are multiple arguments in favour of veganism. Respect for animal life is top of most people’s lists, but environmental concerns are also a major factor. The process of farming animals for food generates more greenhouse gas emissions than the transport industry.

Almost three years ago in January 2017 Charlie Berry responded to these arguments by opening Swansea’s first vegan lifestyle store. Brontosaurus is now firmly established as a go-to supplier of groceries, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, toiletries and other household products. In addition, Charlie has become a focal point and an organiser for vegan-themed events in Swansea city centre. This Saturday, December 7th, she will host the Little Vegan Christmas Market from 10am to 3pm at the Swansea Indoor Market in Oxford Street. As well as Brontosaurus’s range of products, visitors will be able to choose from a wide range of confectionery, household goods and gifts. And as with all the best Christmas markets, shoppers can also expect a visit from Santa Claus.

Charlie Berry’s thoughts after three years as a Swansea retailer are illuminating:

“The people of Swansea gave Brontosaurus a warm welcome from the start, and it’s been so encouraging to see how open people are to fresh ideas. The events we’ve organised have become increasingly popular, and word of mouth around the city has been very positive. The future is bright for veganism, and it’s also very bright for this great city”.

Charlie Berry is moving with the times, and with her in charge Brontosaurus has no fear of extinction. She’s found a niche in a city that’s focused on the future. Swansea is a place of enterprise. It’s a place of vibrancy. It’s no place for dinosaurs.

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