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I am a passionate advocate for the people and the potential of South West Wales. For me, it's the best part of the UK to live. And between us we have everything we need to create universal flourishing in this generation. But only if we work together, and think differently, and empower the people and organisations who are making change happen. I'm worried about the climate emergency, and the future of our divided, unequal society. That's why I've set up 4theRegion with my friend Zoe - to help create a connected and empowered region, where everyone knows what's going on and can work together to build the resilience we need in a changing world.
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28 Uplands Crescent, Swansea SA2 0PB
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I have lived in Uplands for 6 years, and I've seen it develop into a new destination for the people of Swansea, with a great range of independent restaurants and bars. But there is more to Uplands than nightlife, and I want to help make sure everyone continues to feel welcome and safe here.
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In this video we’re answering the most basic question! 4theRegion is a not-for-profit membership organisation, on a mission to help make positive change happen for South West Wales. We are connecting people, breaking down silos and enabling collaboration.

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We’re welcoming three new members and kicking off our new season of events this month, as well as highlighting some key opportunities for you to have your say on some notable regional issues. And don’t miss our September newsletter, featuring our pick of the region’s headlines!

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We’ve got a busy programme of 4theRegion events coming up this autumn, which we would love you to be part of! At 4theRegion we’re all about connecting people, breaking down silos, and enabling effective collaboration. Register via Eventbrite!

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At 4theRegion we are always advocating for greater involvement of regional firms in the construction and operation of regional developments, so we were delighted to hear from Swansea-based Erinstone Ltd that they have just completed installation of new resin-bound stone tree pits on Oxford Street in Swansea City Centre – a contract they picked up […]

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City Deal leaders have announced that the first £18m of City Deal funding will soon be on the way to Swansea Bay City Deal partners to begin funding a number of “transformational” projects in South West Wales.  The UK Government and Welsh Government have agreed to release initial funding for the Swansea Bay City Deal […]

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After the Event: The Swansea City Centre Conference 2019 in Review
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