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I am a passionate advocate for the people and the potential of South West Wales. For me, it's the best part of the UK to live. And between us we have everything we need to create universal flourishing in this generation. But only if we work together, and think differently, and empower the people and organisations who are making change happen. I'm worried about the climate emergency, and the future of our divided, unequal society. That's why I've set up 4theRegion with my friend Zoe - to help create a connected and empowered region, where everyone knows what's going on and can work together to build the resilience we need in a changing world.
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28 Uplands Crescent, Swansea SA2 0PB
4theRegion Changemakers are inspiring and proactive individuals who want support to make good things happen for the region. Our Changemakers are centr...
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Please check that the regional food and drink producers you know are listed in this new online index for South Wales. In a new initiative led by Dr Ben Reynolds at Urban Foundry, food and drink producers across South Wales are being asked to add themselves to a new website that’s been designed to enable many more people to discover and access local produce during lockdown and beyond.

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The first challenge for the new Community Rail Partnership is to agree on a name/identity for the partnership, something which all partners across the four counties of our region will feel part of.  This is no small task, given the diversity of our region and the separate brands and identities already in use by each […]

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News just in that the Welsh Government has given Swansea Council an additional £2m for bike provision in the county. So this year Swansea Council will have spent £20 per person on bike routes – the same amount spent in the Netherlands!

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A new collaborative project by 4theRegion changemakers is launching on Swansea High Street this month.  Swansea Creative Focus is a collaboration by independent businesses, organisations and people, taking on the challenge of grassroots regeneration in Swansea City Centre.  The group’s aim is to support and develop the creative and cultural fabric of the city. This involves nurturing and championing creative businesses, entrepreneurs and projects; and opening up wider access to creativity, digital tech, arts, crafts & culture for all people, young and old, across the city.

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Following our Creative Quarter Roundtable in September 2019, a group of 4theRegion Changemakers has been meeting on a weekly basis to take forward some of the ideas we discussed.  We know that creating a vibrant, creative, inclusive Swansea is key to achieving our economic and social goals for the region.

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At a recent meeting, a senior Swansea Council officer said that what he wanted for the region was to “Change the Headlines”.  That’s what we want too, so we’ve done just that!  Here’s a glimpse into the future we are working to co-create, in this newspaper front cover from March 2030… Do you share our vision of a flourishing future for South West Wales?

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