Milford Waterfront restaurants have adapted their outdoor dining spaces.

Restaurants at Milford Waterfront have adapted their outdoor dining spaces

The adapted outdoor offering at Milford Waterfront includes a variety of options from multiple restaurants that have adapted their outdoor spaces for visitors. This includes a brand-new outdoor space at COCO’s; the COCO’s Sunset Bar, as well as a new cover over the Harbourmaster terrace and a new marquee at Martha’s Vineyard.

Many businesses also offer outdoor dining including Foam’s ‘Glass Room’, Costa Coffee, The Crow’s Nest Café, Impasto Pizza Bar, Madison’s Bar and Restaurant, Phoenix Bowl, Spinnaker Café, Sugar Loaf, Talouies, The Galley Café, The Green Genie, The Lounge and The Scoop Ice Cream Parlour.

Lucy Wonnacott, Marketing Manager for Milford Waterfront commented: “It has been a tough start to the year for restaurants and cafes. We are delighted to see outdoor dining in full swing here at Milford Waterfront and it is great to see so many businesses adapting their services to offer this. We are a tight knit community in Milford Haven, and I am sure many locals and visitors alike will be enjoying outdoor dining across the town. We’re also looking forward to the fantastic cafes and restaurants being able to welcome guests back to dine indoors from Monday – it has been a long and challenging time for all business owners.”

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