A Touch Far Vetched
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About A Touch Far Vetched
A Touch Far Vetched (ATFV) is the non profit online football fanzine devoted to Swansea City FC. We encourage 'ethical advertising' within ATFV which means any income received is all used for good causes in agreement with the advertiser. However we often give free advertising to help promote local businesses. As well as the football magazine we stage charity events to raise money for local good causes such as Maggie's Cancer Care and we like to utilise local creative talent and work with willing local venues to bring life to our fundraising exploits. We are also firm supporters of Morriston Hospiotal's Childrens' Wards. ATFV is known as 'the fundraising fanzine' and supporting local good causes and youth sports, along with local businesses, is fully embedded in what we do.