L-R – Administrator Danielle Lee, Receptionist Laura Throne, Vanessa Thomas-Parry Learning & Development Manager & Marketing Executive Lewis Turner

Leading accountant Bevan Buckland LLP has further consolidated its commitment to staff development through its 2nd century strategic plan. The West Wales based firm has once again invested in training across its team with several members of staff commencing various programmes to upskill for their job roles and provide an even better service to its clients.

The announcement comes during Learning at Work Week, an annual event that inspires and builds learning cultures at work. The theme for Learning at Work Week 2019 is ‘Shaping the Future’. Bevan Buckland LLP joins many multinationals, SMEs, public sector bodies and government departments to mark this year’s theme and develop its workforce for a better tomorrow.

“We are developing our employees by offering a wide range of opportunities across all roles within the firm. They not only feel valued as a result but can utilise their newfound skills to help improve the success and growth of the firm,” said Vanessa Thomas-Parry, Learning & Development Manager at Bevan Buckland LLP.

Three staff members at Bevan Buckland LLP will undertake further training and development. Administrator, Danielle Lee will be completing a Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration.

Receptionist Laura Throne is the second Bevan Buckland LLP employee to undertake further training and development, by undertaking a Level 2 Diploma in Customer Service to further enhance her skillset and build on her knowledge in customer relations.

Laura added, “I am excited to begin my Customer Service qualification as this will help me to develop my customer service skills and increase my client engagement for the future.”

Thirdly, Marketing Executive Lewis Turner is also due to begin his CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing. This qualification will help him strengthen his knowledge and skills across marketing, integrated communications, customer experience and digital marketing. All of which are an essential part of the firm’s business plan.

“I am excited to start my Professional Marketing qualification in September with the CIM. I believe this opportunity will help me gain more knowledge of the marketing field, knowledge that I can utilise within Bevan Buckland LLP. I will be given the opportunity to network with other marketers in the local area as well as consolidate my practical and academic understanding,” said Lewis Turner, Marketing Executive at Bevan Buckland LLP.

“At Bevan Buckland LLP we are focusing on technical and operational excellence. By developing our employees across all roles, we are ensuring that every team member can play a part in meeting our service delivery standards.” Concluded Vanessa Thomas-Parry, Learning & Development Manager at Bevan Buckland LLP.

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