We’re making exciting progress in our Innovation challenge with Community Housing Cymru‘s Alcemi team and Simply Do Ideas!

The aim of the challenge is to test an innovation process and build innovation capacity within the sector. One of their two live areas of work is the Organisational Innovation Challenge, which we are really grateful to have been chosen to be part of.

We are currently in the process of crowdsourcing ideas from our staff to overcome the issue that we have chosen to focus on: How can communication be improved between Family Housing and tenants?

A ‘Challenge Hack’ was held recently to get a firmer understanding of the customer service issues we are tackling, and an online platform is being developed which we will use to capture our staff ideas.

CHC have recognised that this problem area is likely to be felt in some shape or form by all housing associations. Therefore, the learning from our challenge we will be made visible to all CHC members. We are delighted to be part of this shared knowledge and hope others are able to learn from our experience with this challenge!

For more information on the challenge, visit the Alcemi website.

Family Housing