Swansea Creative Focus Advent Calendar
Day Twenty Three: 23/12/2019

Music evokes emotion, it stimulates memory – hearing a certain piece of music can take us back decades to a precise moment in time – and it has a positive effect on quality of life. Music, quite simply, brings joy.

Swansea has a rich history as a source of musical talent, and anyone wondering who will carry that tradition on into the 2020s and beyond need look no further than Ify Iwobi.

Born and bred in the city, Ify has already established herself as a musician and composer of rare quality. Her versatility and skill as a contemporary and classical pianist has earned awards and acclaim both nationally and internationally. Frequent performances at charity events have helped to boost fundraising for many worthy causes and highlighted an admirable commitment to her community.

Ify’s creative talent extends beyond performing. As an accomplished composer, her work lights up film soundtracks. As a natural communicator, her teaching skills have helped bring out the talent in others. Last weekend students from Ify’s piano school performed at the national Waterfront Museum. The Little Maestros concert was a highlight of Swansea’s Christmas entertainment, adding to the conviction that this gifted young woman has something special to share and a musical message that the world needs to hear.

That message found vivid expression in 2019 with the release of Illuminate, Ify’s acclaimed debut album. Launch events at Gin Ne Sais Quoi in Swansea and the Royal Welsh College in Cardiff attracted rave reviews and celebrity endorsements. Featuring a range of different singers as well as distinctive instrumental pieces, Illuminate tells the world what Swansea already knew; that Ify Iwobi is a talent to treasure.

Music brings joy. Ify Iwobi brings it with every note.

Listen to her. You’ll find it illuminating.