Swansea Creative Focus Advent Calendar
Day Twenty Two: 22/12/2019

When organisations consider committing investment and employment opportunities to a region, there are key economic building blocks they want to see in place. High on everyone’s list is transport infrastructure. How feasible, swift and straightforward is it to get from A to B?

Transport for Wales are on a mission to ensure Swansea and South West Wales will be ticking all the right boxes.

TfW has big plans for Welsh train travel, and Swansea stands to benefit for years to come. Additional services, extra seating and new technology will revitalise our rail network in the 2020s. Major investment in Carmarthen and Llanelli stations will change the face of the service, and adoption of customer-friendly technology will see the launch of pay-as-you-go ticketing using barcodes and smartcards. Free Wi-Fi will be made available on stations and trains, and new, high-spec trains will be introduced to the network.

Just as encouraging is TfW’s commitment to reaching out to the people who use their services. Plans are in place to recruit a new Community and Stakeholder Manager and six new Community Ambassadors and Apprentices by 2021. And a ground-breaking Community Rail Partnership for West Wales is setting plans in motion for station sites to be transformed into community facilities. Areas that have been denied investment will receive a welcome shot in the arm, with premium space being made available to support local businesses.

4theRegion are already experiencing at first hand just how productive this partnership can be. Our new creative hub at Swansea High Street Station gives us a perfect vantage point. The station is the first thing train travellers see when they arrive in our city. We want them to feel welcome and we want them to be impressed. Transport for Wales want that too. Together, we’re going places.

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