Swansea Creative Focus Advent Calendar
Day Twelve: 12/12/2019

The rise of online gaming has been well documented. There are currently 200 million online gamers in Western Europe and a similar number in North America. Latin America has over 230 million players, and the Middle East and North Africa a whopping 330 million. All of those numbers are dwarfed, though, by the one and a quarter billion gamers in the APAC region.

What sometimes passes under the radar, though, is the increasing popularity and inclusiveness of table-top gaming. The second half of this decade has seen year on year increases in the sale of table-top games of 20%. This includes card and dice games, war games played with miniature figures, role-play titles and family-friendly games that focus on bringing people together, not just competing.

Leading the way in popularising gaming in Swansea is The Gamers’ Emporium. Established in 2012 it’s a family business, and in the best possible sense, it shows. Visitors to 8 High Street will be given a warm welcome and introduced to a range of board, card, miniature and role-playing games with appeal for all ages and both genders. Thanks to leaders like Gamers’ Emporium owner Simon Kendrick, the crossover potential of gaming is being fulfilled, to the enjoyment of more and more Swansea residents.

Above the store you’ll find two floors of gaming space, seating up to 100 people, and a library of board games to entertain them. Entry to the gaming rooms costs just £2 per day, and visitors consider it money very well spent. In 2018 their feedback helped to make the Gamers’ Emporium the first winner of Swansea BID’s Extra Mile Award for outstanding customer care.

Simon Kendrick doesn’t just take care of his customers; he also gives back to the community. This Saturday the Gamers’ Emporium will host an all day Yu-Gi-Oh charity tournament for the benefit of their High Street neighbours Matt’s Café. A juniors-only charity event will start the ball rolling at 10.30 am with an open-entry event to follow at 2:30 pm. Instead of an entry fee players will contribute five tins of food, all of which will go to a very worthy cause. The day will be enjoyable, inclusive and it will accomplish something positive and worthwhile for the High Street and for Swansea. We think that’s worthy of support.

A game doesn’t have to be a puzzle that one player solves, succeeding while others fail. It can be a story we tell together. It can be a reason for people of all ages to sit around a table and enjoy each other’s company. Don’t take our word for it. Visit the Gamers’ Emporium and find out for yourself.

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