Swansea Creative Focus Advent Calendar
Day Sixteen: 16/12/2019

There are cities, in the UK and around the world, in which art is inaccessible to many residents. Many of these cities are famous for their art and artists, but they fail to include and inspire the wider population.

Swansea is not one of those cities, and the Elysium Gallery is a shining example of popular, challenging art being made available to anyone who wishes to experience it. Elysium is a not for profit social enterprise with four locations dotted around Swansea city centre. It offers 84 artist work spaces and a gallery with a reputation that regularly attracts exhibits from leading national and international figures.

Two current exhibits demonstrate the variety on offer under the Elysium umbrella.

“One-pointed” by Swansea artist Jeremy Gluck offers a collection of conceptual minimalist memes, bringing thought-provoking digital creations to a local audience.

“The Closer We Are” send a timely message of unity, combining the work of five Welsh artists with five from mainland Europe. The result is diverse and uplifting. Kathryn Ashill’s performance art, Geraint Ross Evans’s urban landscapes, Peter Finnemore’s photography, Sean Vicary’s animation, painting and printing, Sarah Poland’s oak gall ink creations and Janire Najera’s photojournalism are beautifully complemented by the contributions of Stefan Bottenberg, Christine Lacqet, Anne-Mie Melis and Pascal Michel-Dubois.

“The Closer We Are” runs until December 28th with “One-pointed” extending one day longer to the 29th. The gallery is open from Tuesday to Saturday, 12pm – 7pm. The people of Swansea have the best of Welsh and European creativity available on their doorsteps, and it’s not reserved for a minority. In Swansea, art is for everyone.

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