Llanelli Shared Vision Meeting

South West Wales Connected CRP are hosting a meeting to share ideas and create a shared vision for Llanelli Train Station and the surrounding area.
Date: 03/12/2020
Time: 12:00 pm
Venue: Online
Open to all

Thank you to everyone who joined us on Zoom for our conversation about Llanelli, exploring what we love, what strengths we can build on, and what we would love to see, collectively, for the town.

This meeting was organised by South West Wales Connected, the new community rail partnership hosted by 4theRegion & Transport for Wales.  We are committed to driving a new approach to making change happen, which involves tapping into the passion, skills and commitment of local people, businesses and organisations – rather than thinking “we know best”.  Ultimately, we need to enable people to do change for themselves within communities, and we see our role as being to join things up, and to try and clear some of the obstacles, red tape and frustration that community changemakers often experience.

This approach starts with open and collaborative conversations, to co-create a shared vision and set of values for revitalized and connected local places, where everyone’s positive ideas and perspectives can be heard, and a shared sense of purpose can develop.  From here, clear themes and great ideas emerge, along with local community leaders who want to get involved in making them happen.  Our role is then to support, facilitate and and help to take forward the ideas that emerge from these conversations, so that things start happening on the ground.  It’s not an easy process, but it offers untold potential and a new wave of possibility, for communities that feel left behind or ignored by traditional “top down” approaches to regeneration.

Our Llanelli Shared Vision Meeting included quick updates from the following people and organisations:

  • Laura Aitchison, Team Lead – Housing Options & Chair of Tyisha Community Engagement plan for Carmarthenshire County Council
  • David Darkin, Managing Director, Darkin Architects on Y Linc, Llanelli Town Centre development
  • Dr. Sharon Burford, Swansea Bay City Region Project Manager for Pentre Awel
  • Thomas Evans, Transport Planner – Strategy and Infrastructure at Carmarthenshire County Council, discussing active travel routes
  • Marie Turke, Treasurer & Co-founder of Incredible Edible Carmarthenshire discussing community food growing and ideas for unused land
  • Eleanor Shaw – Llanelli People Speak Up

And we also heard from a wide range of people and groups sharing their perspectives throughout the meeting.  The following graphics capture some of the key themes and ideas that emerged from breakout group discussions:

With all the interaction and energy there was simply too much to cover in a single meeting, so we will be regroup again very soon to discuss next steps for taking things forward.  Please get in touch if you would like to be included as our Llanelli projects emerge and move forward – everyone is welcome and everyone has a valuable contribution to make.  Please email zoe@4theregion.com and jennifer@southwestwales.co for more details.