Green Recovery Conference

Date: 27/06/2022
Time: 9:00 am
Venue: Brangwyn Hall, Guildhall Rd, Swansea, SA1 4PE
Open to all

4theRegion has been given the opportunity to host a business conference for Swansea that will give local companies a meaningful voice and part to play in the county’s green transition. We want local people and businesses to work together to create our own plan of action for a sustainable, prosperous future.

Will you come and help?

The Swansea Green Recovery Business Conference will take place in the Brangwyn Hall in June 2022. This full day event will bring together businesses from across the city and county of Swansea – those who are already leading the way on climate and environmental action, and those who are still waiting to get started.

The aim of the conference is to:

  • Showcase businesses who are playing a part in the transition to a green economy;
  • Create a shared sense of purpose and vision among the business community;
  • Provide resources and advice to support companies to become more sustainable;
  • Understand the obstacles, hesitations and constraints for local businesses;
  • Develop a collective plan of action for local companies to take meaningful steps.

We love Swansea and we want the county to flourish in the years ahead!

Swansea boasts an enviable natural environment and quality of life, and our local business community is friendly, supportive and innovative.

But our modern way of life is unsustainable in all kinds of ways, and as a society we are facing multidimensional social, economic and environmental crises. Whatever way you look at it, over the next decade or two, change is coming – whether by design or by disaster!

As the Swansea business community, and as a county, we get to decide: will we respond proactively, to build a flourishing future where our businesses, our communities and our natural environment can thrive?

Or will we let history take its course, and risk finding ourselves worse off, left behind, and under water (literally and metaphorically speaking)?

Transitioning the Swansea Bay economy to a low carbon, circular, sustainable green economy is a daunting challenge but it needn’t be a chore.

How about we see it as an exciting opportunity to redefine our shared priorities and values, and create a city and county that is happier, healthier, more equal and more prosperous – as well as clean, green and resilient!

Could we reduce our environmental impact,

AND keep more of our spending in the local economy?

Could we embrace sustainable business practices,

AND ensure young people have quality employment opportunities?

Could we do more to protect and regenerate nature,

AND improve peoples’ quality of life and wellbeing?