Development & Construction | Members Forum

Join developers, housebuilders, construction companies, architects, planners, suppliers, SMEs, professionals and others from across the development and construction sector in South West Wales, to look collectively at the challenges our region is facing, discuss what’s needed and what we can do to help.
Date: 17/08/2021
Time: 12:00 pm
Venue: Online
Open to all

We’ll be debating the challenges and opportunities for the development and construction sector at this uncertain time, in the context of three big and urgent threats to our region’s current and future well-being:

  • the economic impact of Covid19;
  • the environmental crisis;
  • and the well-being emergency.

Listen and learn as your industry colleagues meet to debate the issues, share your own views about what needs to happen, and help consider joined up strategies and potential collaborations for the greater good.

We’re now convening regional Forums for 4theRegion member businesses and organisations in South West Wales, to get clear on what our alliance should focus on, in each of our six impact areas. With everything that’s going on, our region needs us all, more than ever, to work together to support our economy, our communities and the planet. We hope you’ll take this opportunity to get more involved!

This event is for 4theRegion Members only. Please visit our website to join our regional alliance, working together for a happy, healthy South West Wales with a flourishing economy.