Creative Economy, Culture & Digital | Sector Forum

Meet businesses and organisations from the creative and digital sectors in South West Wales!
Date: 08/02/2022
Time: 12:00 pm
Open to all

Hear from 4theRegion members and partners about their work in the region, their social purpose, and their ambitions for the future, emerging opportunities to collaborate and support each other across South West Wales!

We really believe that the creative sector has a big role to play, in creating opportunities for young people, in making the region a vibrant place to live, and in pooling skills and talent for the benefit of local communities!

With everything that’s going on, our region needs us all, more than ever, to work together to support our economy, our communities and the planet. We hope you’ll take this opportunity to join the conversation and get involved!

Please visit our website to join our regional alliance, working together for a happy, healthy South West Wales with a flourishing economy.

More details about this event will be added to this page once speakers, sponsors and talking points are confirmed. If you are a 4theRegion member and would like the opportunity to speak at one of these meetings, please get in touch with Zoe: