The new business will help companies monitor and improve their indoor environments.

Entrepreneur David Kieft, the founder of the Raven Delta Group, has launched a new venture dedicated to monitoring and improving indoor environments through one of its group companies – EFT Consult.

W-360 has been launched with EFT, in partnership with Metrikus, a specialist software company that has pioneered the digitisation of the built environment, offering its clients customisable dashboards from which they can easily view and manage indoor environmental conditions.

From offices in Swansea and London, W-360 will leverage the specialist skills and expertise of EFT Consult, part of the RD Group, and Metrikus to offer a solution to organisations to measure, monitor and ultimately improve the Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) within their buildings.

The Environmental sensors and software platform will monitor and report on the condition of air quality parameters (such as particulate matter, CO2 and VOCs), lighting levels, thermal comfort (including temperature and humidity) and soundscape. All of these factors have the potential to negatively affect human health and well-being.

The launch comes in the context of a growing momentum towards standards around the quality of indoor environments. In April, the British Standards Institute (BSI) fast tracked the development of PAS 3003, sponsored and written by EFT and its partners, into a new standard designed for measuring, monitoring and reporting indoor environmental quality and wellbeing of occupants. The move recognised the pioneering work EFT Consult has conducted over the past six years.

W-360 will help companies understand and implement the new standard. It will offer a range of services including an assessment of the existing quality of indoor environments, building design and installation services and the installation and management of a range of sensors, linked to a dashboard that companies can easily view.

David Kieft said: “We are very proud to unveil this exciting new venture at a time when concerns around indoor environments and decarbonisation are very much coming to the fore. We have been heavily involved around developing standards in this area and we are delighted with the work BSI is now taking forward on this. We look forward to working through W-360, to drive this process forward and help many organisations along the way.”

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