4theRegion member EEESafe is a project designed to support a circular economy, waste prevention and creating local jobs where people live. 

We all want to see less waste going to landfill, but when it comes to electrical appliances and white goods, safety considerations are paramount.  If we want used white goods to be repaired and reused, we need to ensure they are safe and present no risks.  EEESafe provide training and safety assurance for used appliances – to ensure these are safely repaired before going back into peoples’ homes.

EEESafe has been invited to submit a response to the UK Government on their product safety review, which is an opportunity to raise awareness for their proposed innovation – an independent appliance safety register.  Robert is asking for people to indicate their support for this initiative, by clicking YES to express their interest in registering their appliances through this system – to support a fantastic circular economy initiative in our region.

We would love it if you could support this project, by clicking through to the website at www.registeryourappliance.uk to read the full story.  Scroll to the bottom to find the “VOTE YES” link – then CLICK to help Robert out.