There are lots of law firms. All of them have qualified lawyers, just like Douglas-Jones Mercer. Most offer collectively, many years of experience, like Douglas-Jones Mercer. Some have been established for a long time like Douglas-Jones Mercer. So what do we offer that others do not?
In a word, practicality. Our job is to clarify the law, not mystify it. Clear thinking and accurate drafting are the tools of our trade.
The key to providing this is not comfortable modern offices, or excellent communication facilities, or intelligent use of computers, though we are certainly well equipped in these areas.
At DJM, we pride ourselves on delivering excellent and practical legal advice at a realistic price.
We are a leading law firm based in Swansea providing a range of legal services to an array of clients across South Wales, the United Kingdom and as far afield as Los Angeles, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Japan.
Our highly-respected specialist teams provide a jargon-free service, and are ready and willing to tackle any legal problem our clients present us with.
If this sounds like the kind of legal practice you need… then look no further.

Douglas-Jones Mercer Solicitors 

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Swansea Vale

Swansea, SA7 0AJ

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