A Greener Local Supply Chain – Learning Journey

Wales has set ambitious targets to decarbonise housing over the next decades, but there are enormous challenges.  Not least is the need to development the skills and competence of the wider SME market in Wales, in terms of retrofit green skills.  Huge opportunities existing for small businesses in the construction sector, if they can get a grip of what’s needed to transform the way homes use energy, heat and materials.  Great career opportunities also exist for all those who are looking for an exciting growth sector in which to contribute.

In partnership with Wyn Pritchard from the Optimised Retrofit Programme, and with our members, Coastal Housing, Family Housing and Pobl Housing Group, 4theRegion has designed a project to begin to unlock some of these opportunities for the benefit of our region.  We have envisioned a collective learning journey that engages “the whole system” in thinking about the challenges and opportunities that exist and are emerging.  We are ideally placed, between us, to connect businesses, developments, residents and training providers, together with the major housing associations as key buyers/clients in that supply chain.  With a trifecta focus on Partnership Working, Community Engagement and Business Engagement, we need to:

  • Raise awareness among businesses and SMEs of new bizdev opportunities
  • Promote opportunities for training, career development
  • Involve people and bring them with us in understanding new technologies and what they would like to see
  • Break down silos between all pieces of the puzzle
  • Share best practice, learning from those who are already doing great work in this sector

As in everything we do, 4theRegion believes fundamentally that we need to involve everyone in the process of transformation, expecting wisdom, leadership, ideas and talent to emerge from any/every part of the whole system.  We have yet to identify the project funding to take this proposal forward, but encourage interested partners to get in touch to further the discussion.

Contact dawn@4theregion.org.uk