Come Dine With Nazma

Just 48 days from now the second annual 4theRegion City Centre Conference takes place at Swansea’s National Waterfront Museum. Between now and then we’re taking the time to celebrate the entrepreneurs, artists and communicators who are making this city a better, more vibrant place to live.

For those of us who believe the saying that people “eat with their eyes”, there’s a clear link between gastronomy and art. At its best, food preparation is an act of love, imbued with the creativity and passion of a talented individual. In the case of Nazma Ali of Nazma Botanica, the person preparing the food is also a gifted visual artist. The result is a treat for all the senses.

Many of you will be familiar with Nazma’s art, notably as co-creator of The Glitterationist International, a creative practice that Nazma and partner Mark Stephenson have fashioned into a vehicle for ethical, community focused self-expression. Whether gifting the city centre a beautiful urban garden or offering free exhibits of challenging digital art, Nazma has enriched Swansea life in many ways. And she has a particular talent for enriching our diets.

From a base at the Swansea Wellbeing Centre in Walter Road, Nazma offers diners a range of delicious plant-based menu options. A lengthy list of rave reviews from customers confirm that Nazma has mastered the art of delivering healthy food with flavour in every mouthful. Drawing on family recipes to create a harmonisation of Indian spices with traditional British foods, Nazma offers freshly prepared lunches for individuals and groups. Meals are vegan-friendly and gluten-free, and made from fresh local produce. You can also pick up food preparation skills yourself, learning from an expert. Nazma’s Indian Cookery Classes offer visitors the opportunity to create their own dishes, with all ingredients provided.

Swansea is a place where the fusion of ideas and cultures allows us to create something better and more lasting. The 4theRegion City Centre Conference will celebrate that on March 31st, and in the meantime Nazma Ali is celebrating it every day. In images, in collaborations and in lovingly prepared food. Why not come dine with Nazma?

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