Super Bowl

Less than four weeks from now the second annual 4theRegion City Centre Conference will shine a light on the individuals and organisations making Swansea a focal point for cultural and economic development. As we count down to the conference we’re celebrating some of the people whose work inspires us.

In 2015 a group of people in Detroit, led by local female artists, came together to organise a dinner with the intention of raising awareness of the city’s worthiest and most progressive causes. A handful of people gathered to discuss common goals and share ideas for their attainment. They talked, drank and ate, fortified by a range of home-made soups. Within a few months the group numbered fifty. Soon after it exceeded one hundred. Realising that with the right call to action they could raise not only awareness but also money, the group began to charge a nominal attendance fee and invited local charities to deliver presentations, making their pitch for the money.  

Five years on, this group has held 95 events and raised $85,000 for many of the most deserving causes in North America. Social enterprises, community centres and urban farms have had their fortunes transformed by the Detroit Soup Project. They’ve also enjoyed some very fine home cooking; soup is still served at every event. Like most good ideas, this one spread beyond its original borders; it’s now skipped across the Atlantic and successful Soup Projects can be found dotted around the UK map.

This month the Soup Project comes to Swansea and once again it’s a group of enterprising women who are leading the way. Driven forward by Sasha White, Isobel Davies and Natalie Beard, students at University of Wales Trinity St David, the city’s first Soup Project will take place on March 18th at Old Havana in York Street with a start time of 6.30pm.

Following a successful pattern, the event will deliver direct financial support to a worthy local recipient. Representatives of four local causes will be invited to make a presentation, pitching for the prize fund accumulated from ticket sales. Audience members will then vote to decide a winner.

If you come along two weeks from tonight you’ll be in at the start of something that will quickly grow. Tickets cost just £5.98 each and like the founders of the Detroit Soup Project and attendees at every event since, you’ll get a warm welcome, a thoroughly enjoyable evening and a delicious bowl of home-made soup.

If you’d like to buy a ticket or make a pitch for the prize fund, click here.

You can also email Swansea Soup here.

Remember, all the money raised will go direct to the winning cause. The organisers get nothing apart from the satisfaction of putting together a positive event and delivering support to a cause that needs and deserves it.

It’s going to be a great evening. You might say it’s going to be a super bowl.

Come and enjoy yours.

We’ll be celebrating Swansea’s record as a champion of worthy causes at the upcoming Swansea City Centre Conference on Tuesday 31st March. Have you registered yet? Click here for your FREE ticket.