The Dog Days Aren’t Over

We’re just five weeks from the second annual 4theRegion City Centre Conference. As we count down to the event at Swansea’s National Waterfront Museum we’re celebrating the entrepreneurs, artists and communicators who give our city character and fuel its prosperity.

It’s been an up-and-down decade for Britain’s favourite pet.

In 2012 Pudsey, a border collie, won the sixth series of Britain’s Got Talent by dancing to the theme from “Mission Impossible”.

In 2013 canine talents were put to more dubious use when a government language service contractor tried to falsify their staff figures by registering pet dogs as courtroom interpreters.

In 2014 the good times were back as “Pudsey, the Movie”, produced by Simon Cowell, hit British cinemas. Admittedly, with a thud.

And now?

An estimated 8.5 million dogs live in the UK, and their impact on owners’ lives is overwhelmingly positive. It’s shocking to think of them being mistreated or neglected, but inspiring to hear of the work being done to give animals a good home. For over a quarter of a century, the staff and volunteers of Greyhound Rescue Wales have dedicated themselves to removing greyhounds from unsuitable environments and finding owners who will love and protect them. The charity started up in Swansea in 1993, and Swansea Kingsway is home to its flagship outlet. Under the management of Claire Franklin, the Swansea charity shop raises vital funds for animal care and also offers city centre shoppers an excellent retail experience. Greyhound Rescue Wales attracts high quality clothing and footwear donations that will brighten your wardrobe for a fraction of the cost you’d expect to pay at a chain store.

You can support this excellent cause in many ways. By sponsoring a dog, by leading a fundraising project or next Tuesday, by calling into the shop at 52 Kingsway and taking part in Doggy Day.

Greyhounds have traditionally been bred for hunting and racing, but people who spend time with these beautiful, graceful animals quickly come to appreciate them for far more than that. You can show your appreciation between 11am and 1pm on Tuesday March 3rd when Greyhound Rescue Wales will be an open house for Swansea dogs of all breeds and their two-legged friends. If you’re around the city centre why not visit the shop, enjoy the hospitality and the company of fellow dog-lovers and, while you’re there, treat yourself to an excellent shopping experience.

Greyhound Rescue Wales relies on public support. It needs and deserves our donations, our spending and our participation. Not every dog can perform to the Mission Impossible theme, but animals don’t have to dance on their hind legs to make people happy and every one of them is entitled to their share of attention, care and love. Claire Franklin is committed to giving them exactly that.  

The Dog Days aren’t over. Greyhound Rescue Wales prove it every day, so let’s join with them and make Tuesday March 3rd a Doggy Day to remember.

Photo by kind permission of Crafty Dog Cymru

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