March 31st sees the second annual 4theRegion City Centre Conference at Swansea’s Waterfront Museum. Uniting people, plans and passion, the event will give a voice to those of us who intend to move the city forward in the 2020s. We’ll be counting down with a series of articles showcasing people and projects that inspire us to celebrate Swansea’s present and its future.

When gifted, creative people come to Swansea and choose to make it their home, they pay the city a compliment and add to a rich creative tradition. Maglory, an artist, songwriter and producer originally from Doncaster, has been a Swansea-dweller for three years. He’s drawn inspiration from his surroundings and from a range of different musical styles to create something all his own. This week is a landmark in Maglory’s life and career. It sees the release of “Pillar”, his debut EP. Like all Maglory’s work it defies pigeonholing, drawing on different musical genres including R&B and Hip Hop. The result of this fusion of styles is a young performer finding his own distinctive voice and sharing it. The artist himself believes Swansea is the ideal place to nurture creativity:

“Events like the City Centre Conference bring us together and help us give Swansea a positive identity. In the three years that I’ve lived in this city, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many talented people. Musicians, writers, actors and painters all see Swansea as a place where they can grow and express themselves. This is a supportive community, people have encouraged me to carve out my own niche and it’s very satisfying to do that. I put a lot of myself into “Pillar” and I hope people enjoy it.”

Maglory’s future is bright, and we’re very happy to see him developing and sharing his talent in Swansea. Join us at the City Centre Conference on March 31st to hear more about the people who are leading us into the 2020s.