Circular Economy Club South West Wales

The Circular Economy Club brings together professionals and organisations interested in sustainability, the bio-based economy, the built environment, valorisation of waste, and the Well-being of Future Generations.  Whether you’re already implementing circular economy practices in your organisation, want to know more, or simply want to connect with people who are passionate about transforming the way we live and work – please connect with us to receive updates and information about meetings and activity in Swansea and South West Wales.

Circular Economy Club South West Wales

What is the Circular Economy?

The Circular Economy is an alternative to the current linear model of take, make, waste – recognising that we must be more prudent with our use of resources – reuse, recycle, regenerate, and care for the well-being of people and the planet.

Why is it important?

At 4theRegion, we see the move towards a circular economy as a fundamental part of how our regional economy develops over the next few years.  There are great rewards at stake for businesses and regions prepared to lead the way in embracing circular economy principles.

About the CEC

The Circular Economy Club (CEC) is the non-profit international network of over 2,600 circular economy professionals and organisations in over 60 countries. The CEC is headquartered in London, coordinated by volunteers, open and free for anyone to join.  

Swansea-based building services consultants, EFT Consult, is the official organiser of the Circular Economy Club in Swansea, reflecting their determination to help the regional economy become more circular.  In partnership with EFT, 4theRegion will be convening meetings and conversations about the Circular Economy throughout South West Wales.