Law Firm Opens New Ammanford Office

Law Firm Opens New Ammanford Office

Leading regional law firm Peter Lynn and Partners has opened a new Ammanford office, with leading local lawyer Gary Jones joining as a consultant after closing his highly regarded practice.

Peter Lynn, Gary Jones, Chris Tymanowski, Greg George and staff from the Ammanford Office

The site, located on College Street in the town centre (opposite The Co-op), is the third West Wales office to be opened over the last 15 months and marks a spectacular period of growth for the firm.

“We are thrilled to complete the opening of our new office,” said senior partner Peter Lynn, “and are delighted to expand our network of branch offices into Ammanford.”

The Ammanford office will be home to a range of experienced lawyers, many of whom grew up in the area or have strong connections with the town.

“Our strength is in our staff and the diverse range of legal advice we are able to offer,” continued Peter, “and with a vibrant network of community offices, it’s important to us that the staff at these locations are not only experts in their area of law, but come from that community too.”

The announcement is the latest development for the firm, which has over 85 lawyers and support staff, eight offices and a portfolio of clients that range from individuals and small businesses to multi-national, multi-million-pound global corporations.

“We have ambitious plans to continue expanding our high street presence throughout Wales over the coming years,” said Peter, “and have multiple locations lined up that we will be announcing shortly.”

The new office is located at 42 College Street, Ammanford, SA18 3AF and is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Call 01269 597978 or email

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Hutchinson Thomas joins pilot scheme on comparison data for law firms

Hutchinson Thomas joins pilot scheme on comparison data for law firms

Law firm Hutchinson Thomas, which has offices in Swansea and Neath, is one of the first law firms in Wales to join a pilot project conceived by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) designed to standardise and improve quality indicators individuals might use to choose a legal provider.

Darren Davies, Partner at Hutchinson Thomas

The exercise, which is being run jointly by the SRA, the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC), CILEx Regulation and the Bar Standards Board (BSB), has brought together website providers and firms to encourage clients to post reviews about the services they received.

Hutchinson Thomas is one of more than 70 law firms that have already signed up to engage with a number of providers, to look at how reviews could add value to other comparison data, such as price.

There are a number of general and legal sector specific websites which already publish customer reviews and other information on legal service providers. The SRA also offers an information sharing service that allows such websites to access and publish already publicly available regulatory information on firms it regulates.

Now, in partnership with the CLC and CILEx Regulation, SRA has launched a pilot scheme involving both law firms and comparison website providers which aims to increase the amount of easily accessible, comparable information on the quality of legal service providers which is available to the public.

It has also developed a voluntary code of conduct for comparison websites taking part in the pilot activities. Though not compulsory, this code sets out the standards expected of these sites to ensure that they are independent, transparent and fair to both consumers and legal service providers.

Darren Davies, Partner, Hutchinson Thomas, said:

“We were delighted to be approached to participate in the pilot phase of this extremely innovative scheme that has the potential to revolutionise the way clients select legal services in the UK. We see this as having the potential to engender real change and create a fairer and more even playing field where it is possible for customers to select a legal provider based on true indicators of quality and expertise, which can be difficult at the moment.”

Commenting on the pilot, Tracy Vegro, SRA Executive Director, Strategy and Innovation, added:

“We were obviously confident of seeing the project produce meaningful results that would help develop meaningful quality indicators, but we did not expect to see such a strong level of engagement initially, and to see other, far-reaching effects emerging too. We originally said the pilot would run for six months, but we want to expand it to make sure we capture all the great work that firms are doing.

“As well as the marketing boost the pilot has given to law firms, many have also seen other benefits or view it as a catalyst for change. For example, some are reporting that they are incorporating customer feedback into individual staff performance reviews, adding them to the agenda at senior management meetings and using them as part of their rewards programmes. Positive feedback has also helped to boost staff morale.”

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New Swansea Headquarters for Wales’ Largest Independent Accountancy Firm

New Swansea Headquarters for Wales’ Largest Independent Accountancy Firm

The largest independent accountancy firm in Wales: Bevan Buckland LLP has confirmed its move to Swansea Enterprise Park, Llansamlet. Currently based in Langdon House, SA1, the new headquarters will house the thriving Swansea team as it continues to expand. Led by its 6 partners, this is a major step for one of Swansea’s oldest businesses.

(L-R) Matthew Denney, Alison Vickers and Harri Lloyd Davies at the new HQ

The new office boasts extra meeting spaces and a large, dynamic open floor space plan. Located conveniently in Cardigan House opposite the Swansea Mercure Hotel, the firm is excited to be able to offer clients extra parking and modern facilities for client visits. A formal opening is expected on Wednesday 1st September as staff prepare for the move.

Alison Vickers, the Managing Partner at Bevan Buckland LLP, says: “It was a big decision to move out of SA1, but I am delighted with this investment in Bevan Buckland LLP’s future. There is a real feeling of excitement around the new office, and we hope our clients enjoy the facilities at Cardigan House as much as we do. Having the extra space allows clients to benefit from improved meeting rooms whilst our team is able to work safely within the office environment. I would also like to thank our Head of Business Support, Lisa Coombs for the fantastic work she has done in coordinating the move.”

Bevan Buckland LLP also just celebrated reaching 100 employees within the firm, a huge milestone for the proudly Welsh firm. After welcoming this year’s cohort of trainees for the popular training academy, Bevan Buckland LLP is continuing its steady growth plans. Since 1899, successful teams have been established across South Wales and we can expect more highlights in the firm’s future.

Harri Lloyd Davies, Partner adds “It’s an exciting space that I think will help manifest our working culture, values and fit in well with the more modern ways of working currently being adopted. Being based in Llansamlet gives us good access to our clients in Swansea and across South Wales. We also just secured a new office in Cowbridge which is very exciting as we expand our services to be closer to our clients in East Wales. More importantly, we’re extremely delighted about welcoming many more talented individuals into the Bevan Buckland LLP family”.

Bevan Buckland LLP has offices throughout South West Wales, and it is the largest independent accountancy practice in Wales, with offices in Swansea, Carmarthen, Cowbridge, Pembroke, Haverfordwest and St David’s.

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Ground-breaking One-Stop-Shop Partnership Between Leading Welsh Accounting Practice and Pioneering IT Specialists

Ground-breaking One-Stop-Shop Partnership Between Leading Welsh Accounting Practice and Pioneering IT Specialists

Wales’ largest independent accountancy firm, Bevan Buckland LLP, has partnered with Tech-Wales Ltd to create a unique one-stop-shop for accounting and IT services for its clients.

Bevan Buckland LLP, which is headquartered in Swansea, has launched a partnership with Tech-Wales Ltd, a Port Talbot based IT outsourcing and consultancy firm, to deliver technology advice and solutions to clients investing in technology advancements.

Harri Lloyd-Davies, Bevan Buckland LLP Partner, says “We have known Mike Price and Adrian Williams, who set up Tech Wales Ltd, for many years and are working closely with them to develop our own in-house technology platform. We have several mutual clients, and we serve the same demographic of owner-managed SMEs across South Wales, as well as larger organisations and individuals. Many of our major clients have been investing in enhancing their IT capabilities and we want to support our clients in their endeavours. Automation and technology are transforming the accounting industry and we remain at the forefront of this change. Partnering with Tech-Wales has allowed us to be pioneers in our own IT agenda and we are already seeing the benefits with improved controls and productivity.”

Adrian Williams, Tech Wales Ltd co-founder says “Bevan Buckland LLP are uniquely placed to help us understand their clients and their technology needs, so we are excited to be partnering together. Our highly experienced technology consultants can bring necessary improvements quickly and efficiently to businesses. Like Bevan Buckland LLP, we are very client focused so we look forward to partnering closely with the practice.”

Gus Williams, Bevan Buckland LLP Chief Operating Officer, adds: “Technology services can be difficult for businesses to navigate, especially in such a rapidly changing environment. From partnering with Tech-Wales, Bevan Buckland LLP has developed a much more coherent long-term IT strategy, avoiding risks around signing onto services that may become obsolete in a few years. We know our clients would benefit from the same productivity gains, automated workflows and improved collaboration, and we are excited to be offering these services to our clients.”

As a key part of the partnership, Bevan Buckland LLP and Tech-Wales will invest in a Technology Graduate Recruitment and Training programme, building on the success of Bevan Buckland LLP’s own Training Academy for graduate accountants. The Bevan Buckland/Tech-Wales Technology Graduate Programme will be welcoming applications for the first cohort of trainees shortly, another step in both firms’ ambitions to support job creation within the region.

Bevan Buckland LLP is the largest independent accountancy firm in Wales providing accountancy services, tax compliance and advisory services and other strategic advice for small to medium-sized businesses. Headquartered in Swansea, the practice has offices in Carmarthen, Pembroke, Haverfordwest and St David’s.

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Get social! New Swansea businesses get their own club

Get social! New Swansea businesses get their own club

Business Swansea, Swansea Council’s Business Support Service, is launching a new monthly Start-Up Enterprise Club for individuals starting a new business in Swansea.

Rebecca Wade, of Purple Dog, who will present a session on social media at Swansea’s first Start-up Enterprise Club meeting

The first session, “Launch your business using Social Media” will take place on July 8th from 10 to 11.30am. If you’d like to attend please click here to register.

This session will be delivered by Rebecca Wade, a Social Media Expert at Purple Dog with over seven years experience. She helps businesses to utilise social media and increase brand awareness by successfully building engagement and drive organic growth. Her training sessions will empower you to take control of your own social media success.

Rebecca Wade said: “Billions of people visit social media every day – and it’s one of the most powerful ways to grow a business.

“I’m looking forward to helping new Swansea businesses use social media to attract new customers and connect with key audiences.

“It’s a wise move for the council to launch the Start-up Enterprise Club as starting a business can be a daunting experience so it’s good to share knowledge and inspiration in this way.”

So you can get your business off to a great start on the right social media platforms for you, this beginner’s session will cover:

  • What is the best platform to use?
  • What tactics should you use to be seen by the most people?
  • Are there certain types of content that perform better than others?
  • How can you regularly post content?
  • What etiquette rules do you need to follow?

Robert Francis-Davies, the council’s cabinet member for investment, regeneration and tourism, said: “We have a strong record in helping and advising local business before and during the pandemic – and that will continue as Swansea’s £1bn regeneration story develops.

“The Start-up Enterprise Club is aimed specifically at start-up or pre-start businesses – and it will feature regular events full of short, sharp briefings allowing businesses to implement their learning straight away.

“I encourage anybody starting a business here – or thinking seriously about doing so – to attend the event on July 8 and to continue playing a part in the club. We want to help them get off to a great start.”

The club will have its own Facebook group, allowing businesses to share ideas, solve problems and feel a sense of community.

It’s a great time to be an entrepreneur in Swansea. At 4theRegion we want to see more businesses start up and thrive in our region, so in April we hosted our Swansea Start Up & Business Owners Forum for entrepreneurs, small businesses and potential start-ups interested in being part of that “diverse and creative mix” that makes Swansea great. It was great to have people come and share ideas and perspectives on how we can make sure Swansea is an entrepreneurial city with a flourishing independent economy.

We believe that Swansea can be the perfect place to start and build a business. For us, it’s not big brands and major corporates that make a city great – it’s a diverse mix of independent firms, lifestyle businesses, trades, makers, creative start-ups and cultural entrepreneurs – all doing our best to make good things happen.

Businesses encouraged to enhance staff’s digital skills with fully funded training

Businesses encouraged to enhance staff’s digital skills with fully funded training

Gower College Swansea is encouraging businesses in Southwest Wales to enrol their staff onto fully funded digital training to ensure they have the skills to take advantage of the latest technologies and tools.

With nearly 40% of the UK’s working population lacking digital skills, the College is urging businesses to sign up staff to their suite of fully-funded work-based learning qualifications to help bridge the skills gaps in this area.

It is widely reported that the COVID19 pandemic has expedited and inspired long-term digital transformation plans, however, the widening digital skills gap is threatening to hold back businesses.

80 per cent of UK business leaders believe that investment in digital skills will be needed in order to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

Gower College Swansea is urging businesses in the region to invest in their staff’s digital skills so that they can ensure they have a competitive edge in the evolving digital landscape.

Recently announced as a national finalist in the Digital Apprenticeship Provider of the Year category at the AAC Apprenticeship Awards, the College’s portfolio of qualifications includes Digital Application Support, Digital Learning Design, Social Media and Digital Marketing, Data Analytics and Information Security Professionals. The courses can be used to upskill existing staff or to bring on new talent. There are also financial incentives of up to £4000 if recruiting through apprenticeships.

Learners will be allocated a dedicated tutor/assessor who work closely with both learner and employer to ensure the level and units selected are most suited to their role, ambitions and organisational priorities.

Paul Kift, Director at Gower College Swansea, said: “Companies not investing in the digital skills of their staff risk losing relevance and their competitive edge as we emerge from the pandemic.

“When COVID19 struck last year, for most businesses digital transformation projects were initially seen as a means of ensuring business continuity in a time of crisis.

“However, over the last year, ways of working digitally have become the norm. To stay ahead and emerge in a strong position, businesses must continue to embrace new tools and technologies. Crucially, this means investing in the digital skills of their staff.

“Reverting back to old habits will leave businesses lagging behind and so to survive in a competitive, digital-first future, we’re encouraging businesses in South Wales to take advantage of our fully-funded digital qualifications.”

Gower College Swansea offer a range of work-based learning qualifications covering topics including Digital Skills, Leadership and Management, Housing and Customer Service.

For more information visit

Gower College Swansea