300 Swansea residents and businesses can now sign up for locally sourced green electricity through an innovative Gower Power project, supported by Bristol Energy.

Residents and businesses in the Swansea area can now buy 100% renewable electricity generated from a nearby community-owned solar farm, in partnership with Gower Power Solar Storage and Bristol Energy.

The innovative project, backed by Welsh Government, enables households and businesses in and around Swansea and Gower to buy fairly priced renewable energy directly sourced from a local solar farm with battery storage, through 100% green electricity and low carbon gas provider Bristol Energy.

Watch an animation to find out more here.

Gower Regeneration Ltd, a community benefit society, became the first community-owned solar farm in Wales in 2017. The six acre solar farm attracted 415 investors purchasing over £900,000 worth of shares, seeing the project win the year’s Community Renewable Energy Project Award for,

“The most commendable sustainable electricity generation project undertaken by a community group across Wales and England”.

With the addition of a Tesla battery, secured with funding through the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government, the farm will soon be able to store and distribute green electricity. Only 300 local households or businesses can be signed up for the energy supply, via the Gower Power website.

Bristol Energy handle the technicalities of switching, billing and account management, enabling customers to buy clean power from Gower.

Simon Proctor, Head of Renewables at Bristol Energy, said: “As well as 100% green, fairly priced electricity and excellent customer service, residents who switch to Bristol Energy are committing to supporting their local community, as profits of the Gower Power project stay in the area. We’re proud to play a part in the Gower Power project and welcome customers looking to go green and support local.”

The deal promises 100% clean, renewable energy. Electricity produced by Gower Regeneration will stored and fed onto the local grid when needed, and if the demand from its customers is too great, top-ups from other 100% clean, renewable sources will keep the power flowing.

1MW solar farm in Dunvant

Gower Power Co-op CIC, and the project companies it develops, are concerned with keeping money local; encouraging local people to buy local produce and support local businesses. A survey they conducted a year ago confirmed that people would prefer to stop cash leaking out of the local economy in bill payments to distant energy companies whose profits don’t benefit the local community. The opportunity to buy clean, green locally produced electricity is set to be popular and, as a community benefit society, Gower Regeneration has to spend all its surplus on local community projects.

Interest in the home energy supply offer can be registered at: www.gowerpower.coop/buy-green-energy. Bristol Energy will respond to applicants to provide quotes, further info and an opportunity to sign up for this local energy revolution.

Gower Power Co-op CIC