Gower College Swansea is encouraging businesses in Southwest Wales to enrol their staff onto fully funded digital training to ensure they have the skills to take advantage of the latest technologies and tools.

With nearly 40% of the UK’s working population lacking digital skills, the College is urging businesses to sign up staff to their suite of fully-funded work-based learning qualifications to help bridge the skills gaps in this area.

It is widely reported that the COVID19 pandemic has expedited and inspired long-term digital transformation plans, however, the widening digital skills gap is threatening to hold back businesses.

80 per cent of UK business leaders believe that investment in digital skills will be needed in order to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

Gower College Swansea is urging businesses in the region to invest in their staff’s digital skills so that they can ensure they have a competitive edge in the evolving digital landscape.

Recently announced as a national finalist in the Digital Apprenticeship Provider of the Year category at the AAC Apprenticeship Awards, the College’s portfolio of qualifications includes Digital Application Support, Digital Learning Design, Social Media and Digital Marketing, Data Analytics and Information Security Professionals. The courses can be used to upskill existing staff or to bring on new talent. There are also financial incentives of up to £4000 if recruiting through apprenticeships.

Learners will be allocated a dedicated tutor/assessor who work closely with both learner and employer to ensure the level and units selected are most suited to their role, ambitions and organisational priorities.

Paul Kift, Director at Gower College Swansea, said: “Companies not investing in the digital skills of their staff risk losing relevance and their competitive edge as we emerge from the pandemic.

“When COVID19 struck last year, for most businesses digital transformation projects were initially seen as a means of ensuring business continuity in a time of crisis.

“However, over the last year, ways of working digitally have become the norm. To stay ahead and emerge in a strong position, businesses must continue to embrace new tools and technologies. Crucially, this means investing in the digital skills of their staff.

“Reverting back to old habits will leave businesses lagging behind and so to survive in a competitive, digital-first future, we’re encouraging businesses in South Wales to take advantage of our fully-funded digital qualifications.”

Gower College Swansea offer a range of work-based learning qualifications covering topics including Digital Skills, Leadership and Management, Housing and Customer Service.

For more information visit www.gcs.ac.uk/digital

Gower College Swansea