Swansea Creative Focus Advent Calendar
Day Twenty One: 21/12/2019

Treasure Island is one of the most frequently adapted novels ever written. To date there have been sixteen movie versions, including one featuring the Muppets. It takes boldness and creativity to attempt a fresh version of a story that’s been told so often, and Swansea Volcano Theatre has plenty of both.

Volcano is home to a group of artists committed to the theatre of ideas. Performances are rooted in social and political context, encouraging audiences to take a fresh look at the world they live in and also encouraging their participation. If you believe live theatre should be an exciting, challenging, interactive experience, you’ll find treasure at 27-29 High Street. This weekend you’ll find it in three performances of Hispaniola, the Volcano’s take on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel. Today at 1pm and 5pm, and tomorrow at 1pm, the story originally described by the author as “a tale of buccaneers and buried gold” will be given a modern twist.

Volcano is a champion of the performing arts in 21st century Wales, producing uniquely inventive performances, taking touring theatre productions around Wales, the UK and overseas, and commissioning work from writers, visual artists and film-makers.

It’s also a place where youthful talent is nurtured, offering young people the opportunity to develop their ideas and discover their own creativity through performance. Children’s classes encourage improvisational skills, feeding the imagination and building confidence. This builds a bridge to the Volcano Youth Company, a class for 13-20 year olds. The classes are stimulating and rewarding, helping their next generation develop creative and social skills that will deliver lifelong benefits.

Treasure Island was originally conceived as a coming-of-age story. It was first published as a serialisation in a children’s magazine, and the appeal of the adventure to young people is clear.

The Volcano Theatre takes youthful talent on an equally exciting journey, and it leads them to uncover the buried gold of their own talent. But rather than lead them to an isolated island, it helps them reach out to a community that’s ready and waiting for them.

This weekend, why not be part of it?

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