At the Centre for Regional Engagement, we hold these truths to be self-evident:

A New Approach

To address the challenges currently facing our region, and the world, we need to embrace new ways of thinking and working.  We know we can’t solve problems with the same thinking that created them.

Shared Vision

If we want a new economy and a flourishing future for South West Wales, we need to create a shared vision of what we want the future of our region to look like, and a shared sense of purpose aligned with that vision.  

Circular Economy

The only way we can have the economic growth we want, without further destruction of our only planet, is to develop a “circular economy”, focusing on sustainability and prioritising the recovery, regeneration and re-use of precious resources.  The move towards a circular economy is both an opportunity and an imperative.

Crowdsourcing Wisdom

The best wisdom, ideas and solutions emerge from the greatest number and diversity of viewpoints.  When we act from a shared awareness of what’s best for everyone, we can begin to heal the divides that separate us.


People believe in and support what they have helped to create.  So the answer to disengagement is co-creation. We need to involve everyone in the mission to transform the region, and provide platforms that enable generative conversations and facilitate genuine co-production.

Unlocking Potential

This region has all the talent, creativity, commitment and resources it needs to create a flourishing future for everyone.  We just do a really bad job at tapping that potential. Our Regional Engagement methodology is the key to unlocking the region’s potential.


Connect the Region

We are connecting people across the region with each other in meaningful ways, to create a growing awareness of who’s who and what’s happening across South West Wales.

Enable Collaboration

We enable our members to collaborate with each other productively, via the Regional Priorities platform, to make progress on shared priorities.

Facilitate Co-Creation

We facilitate group conversations where the goal is to engage more people, crowdsource wisdom, empower changemakers, and co-create shared outcomes.

The Regional Priorities Platform

We see great potential for Regional Priorities to facilitate effective collaboration amongst private sector organisations, individuals and community groups, on projects that are complementary to the big regional projects currently underway.

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