We think people and businesses should play to their strengths and focus on what they’re best at.  The same goes for the region!  What we have here in South West Wales is an amazing natural environment, brilliant quality of life, friendly communities… and the opportunity to make Well-Being our unique selling point, our regional brand, and our shared purpose. 

That’s what all of you have been telling us you want, and so that’s our mission for the region – to build our shared identity as the home of Well-Being in the UK, implementing the values of the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act, doing things differently, following our own path, and putting the well-being of people and planet at the heart of everything.

Changing the Headlines

At a recent meeting, a senior Swansea Council officer said that what he wanted for the region was to “Change the Headlines”.  That’s what we want too, so we’ve done just that!  Here’s a glimpse into the future we are working to co-create, in this newspaper front cover from March 2030… Do you share our vision of a flourishing future for South West Wales?

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A Rooftop Farm above a City Centre Development in Swansea

Hacer Developments, a developer based in Swansea and West Wales, has announced further details of an exciting new scheme for Swansea City Centre.  Biophilic Living is a mixed-use regeneration development on the site of the former Woolworths store on Oxford Street,...

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Conference Report – Race Equality & Social Justice 2019

RACE EQUALITY & SOCIAL JUSTICE CONFERENCEWEDNESDAY 9TH OCTOBER 2019GRAND THEATRE, SWANSEA The Wales Race Equality & Social Justice Conference, #EveryoneMatters, was organised in partnership with the Race Council, and brought together people and organisations...

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5G Rollout in the Well-Being Region

Now this is a difficult one, but I don't think we should avoid discussion because it's difficult.  All around the world, sensible and well-meaning people are coming together to share their fears about the potential health impacts of the roll-out of 5G technology. And...

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Roundtable Report – Renewable Energy Region

This event was organised in partnership with Low Carbon Swansea Bay and sponsored by FLEXIS.  The intention was to celebrate the growing Renewable Energy Sector of South West Wales, showcase the fantastic, diverse projects and initiatives going on across the region, and bring together business, academia and individuals to learn from each other and explore what else can be done to strengthen our renewable energy sector.

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Have your say on Council’s dynamic vision for a green future

Neath Port Talbot Council is putting its draft Decarbonisation and Renewable Energy Strategy out to public consultation. Coming after the Welsh Government’s declaration of a climate emergency in April this year, the document outlines the Council’s overarching vision...

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What is 4theRegion and what do we do?

In this video we’re answering the most basic question! 4theRegion is a not-for-profit membership organisation, on a mission to help make positive change happen for South West Wales. We are connecting people, breaking down silos and enabling collaboration.

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