We know that creating a vibrant, creative, inclusive region is key to achieving our economic and social goals.  Our mission is to make South West Wales somewhere that people want to be, by involving everyone, engaging communities, and unleashing the talent and potential of people.

“Access to talented and creative people is to modern business what access to coal and iron ore was to steel-making…  Economic growth is driven by creativity, so if we want to increase it, we have to tap into the creativity of everyone.”

Celebrating Creative Swansea This Christmas

4theRegion Changemakers have launched a new collaboration to connect, champion and support creative talent in the city centre!  Swansea Creative Focus is kicking off with an Advent Calendar of daily stories about Creative Swansea.  You can catch the series on our...

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Swansea Creative Quarter Cluster

Following our Creative Quarter Roundtable in September 2019, a group of 4theRegion Changemakers has been meeting on a weekly basis to take forward some of the ideas we discussed.  We know that creating a vibrant, creative, inclusive Swansea is key to achieving our economic and social goals for the region.

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Roundtable Report – Swansea High Street Property

On Monday 11th November 2019 4theRegion convened a meeting of key property sector professionals with interests in high street and city centre property.  Our goal was to explore some of the challenges and opportunities relating to vacant space in the city, and share updates on what’s happening to property throughout the city.

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Swansea City Centre Conference 2020

The second annual City Centre Conference is set to be an incredible day, showcasing everything that's great about Swansea and hearing from the people, organisations and businesses who are making change happen.  It's open to all, and YOU are invited! Whether you want...

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Roundtable Report – Swansea Creative Quarter 2019

The creative quarter round table meeting arises out of the Swansea City Centre Conference run by 4theRegion in April. The intention is to look at what else can be done to keep the momentum up on Swansea High Street. What can we, as business owners, organisations and passionate individuals do to improve the area, visually and socially, increase footfall and make it a destination for Swansea residents and visitors to the City.

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What is 4theRegion and what do we do?

In this video we’re answering the most basic question! 4theRegion is a not-for-profit membership organisation, on a mission to help make positive change happen for South West Wales. We are connecting people, breaking down silos and enabling collaboration.

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As well as networking opportunities, important roundtable discussions, and the ability to get their voices heard at a regional level, we support our members in the Creative & Digital sector by promoting the importance of creativity and innovation to the future flourishing of our economy.  The Creative Economy is one of our six impact areas, because nurturing creativity and culture in our towns and cities is how we'll create successful and attractive places that people want to live and work in.  We're developing Swansea's Creative Quarter and involving creative businesses across the region in helping to shape our regional identity.  We also host the Creative & Digital Zone at the annual city centre conference in Swansea.