We are on a mission to promote and support the people and projects that are addressing the challenges of the climate emergency, and to put this critical issue at the top of the region’s agenda. We believe that South West Wales must move away from our linear economy (make, use, dispose), closing the loop to conserve resources and ensure long term sustainability. A circular economy is restorative and regenerative by design. We’re also working on collaborative projects related to renewable energy, green infrastructure, agroecology and zero waste.



We’re now convening regional Forums for 4theRegion member businesses and organisations in South West Wales, to get clear on what our alliance should focus on, in each of our six impact areas. For all those with an interest in developing and promoting the circular economy in our region, it’s an opportunity to talk with others in your sector about joined up strategies and potential collaborations for the greater good. With everything that’s going on, our region needs us all, more than ever, to work together to support our economy, our communities and the planet. Become a 4theRegion member to get involved!
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We spoke to Joanna Clarke, design manager of Swansea University’s SPECIFIC project, for our #BuildBackBetter podcast. Joanna has developed the ‘Active Buildings Toolkit’ in order to share the principles and learnings from Active Buildings, with the aim of encouraging others to adopt or improve on them and to support wider uptake of low carbon designs.  Active Buildings are buildings are designed to generate, store and release their own renewable energy. We discuss with Joanna the challenges that designers face when designing energy efficient buildings and how innovative projects such as SPECIFIC can lay the foundation for greener, cleaner development.
PODCAST  |  Active Buildings with Joanna Clarke


We convened a roundtable discussion for our #BuildBackBetter podcast, with a number of key businesses and organisations within the South West Wales renewable energy sector, to talk about what is currently happening and what needs to happen in order to enable growth within the sector and allow wider access to clean, green power. The UK & Welsh governments have made commitments to bring carbon emissions to net zero by 2050, with Wales’ target to achieve a net zero carbon public sector by 2030. Our guests shared their perspectives on announcements the government have made, and if our governments are putting in the infrastructure and investments required to grow the renewable energy sector.
PODCAST  |  Renewable Energy Roundtable


Room to Grow is a Swansea-based permaculture project dedicated to self-sufficiency and community, which aims to turn concrete jungles into edible oases. We spoke to co-founder Ange Bettany for our #BuildBackBetter podcast, about launching the initiative during lockdown, the challenges she has faced and the next steps.  There is plenty of value in this conversation for anyone interested in transforming disused green spaces around their local communities.
PODCAST  |  Room to Grow


What has been the effect of lockdown on our shopping habits, priorities and values surrounding food? How do we scale up community growing and local food initiatives, and what does the sector need to achieve these goals? In this roundtable discussion for our #BuildBackBetter podcast, we explore how we can make locally produced food more accessible to communities in rural and urban areas alike, along with the wellbeing and social benefits of community garden spaces.
PODCAST  |  Community Growing & Local Food


4theRegion changemaker Dr Ben Reynolds has launched a new website for regional food producers, to help connect them with customers during lockdown and beyond.  You can find out more in our video interview, or visit the website at the following link:


Convened by successful Gower CSA, Cae Tan, this event attracted a diverse audience of grassroots farmers, other local food producers, land owners, the Gower Society, universities, all levels of government including Welsh Government officers, two Swansea MPs, several officers from Swansea Council, and a wide range of people with different personal and professional interests in food and farming.  The group considered how we can best share and spread the knowledge gained by Cae Tan, to make it easier for more CSA initiatives to take off.  In the discussion, small producers shared the challenges of starting a viable business making and selling local produce.  It was noted that public procurement should be used imaginatively to enable and encourage the growth of Community Supported Agriculture and local food businesses.
Community Supported Agriculture & Food Sovereignty | Event Report


4theRegion convened a well attended roundtable meeting in Carmarthenshire to explore the food, farming, waste and biobased sector in South West Wales. The goal of the event was to share knowledge about what’s already happening, identify what’s missing and co-create priorities for the sector from a regional perspective. A diverse range of organisations came together for some lively, insightful discussion.  The importance of better collaboration and sharing of knowledge and resources – this was THE key message from participants throughout the day.  There was a sense that there are lots of positive things happening already across the region, how can we join them up and break down silos.  Sector promotion also emerged as an opportunity area.  Our region is hugely successful, innovative and a leader in the food, farming, waste and biobased economy, but we’re quite shy about it too. All agreed we need to be better at promoting and celebrating what we have and what we do here, better at telling stories about our successes.
Food, Farming, Waste & Biobased Roundtable | Event Report


In partnership with Low Carbon Swansea Bay and sponsored by FLEXIS, we organised a lively event for the region’s renewable energy sector. The intention was to showcase the fantastic, diverse projects and initiatives going on across the region, and bring together business, academia and individuals to learn from each other and explore what else can be done to strengthen our renewable energy sector.
Renewable Energy Region | Event Report


4theRegion was pleased to support EFT Consult with their launch of the Circular Economy Club in Swansea on 14th November 2018, bringing together a range of professionals and businesses interested in sustainability, the bio-based economy, the built environment, valorisation of waste, and the Well-being of Future Generations Act. Around 25 professionals gathered in the new Construction Wales Innovation Centre at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David Waterfront Campus in SA1. It was an opportunity to watch inspiring short films curated by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and discuss the progress this region is making towards growing a more circular economy.
Launch of the Circular Economy Club with Adrian Matthews, EFT Consult


4theRegion hosted Wales’ first Circular Economy conference at the Liberty Stadium, attracting over 300 businesses and organisations from a wide range of sectors.  It was an amazing day, featuring a huge business exhibition, more than expert speakers from across the UK, panel discussions, and breakout sessions.  The focus of the Empowering Future Generations event was to explore the challenges and opportunities of implementing the principles of the Well-being of Future Generations Act, and to introduce circular economy principles to a new and diverse audience.  Everyone emerged energised and empowered, with a clear sense of how we want our regional economy to transform, and what each of us can do within our own spheres of influence.  Procurement emerged as a key theme: “Only when public bodies truly embed well-being principles into the way they evaluate and select their suppliers, will businesses be empowered to change.”
Empowering Future Generations | Event Report


4theRegion is on a mission to create a greener, cleaner region with a sustainable, circular economy, in response to the climate emergency and ecological collapse. Our members in the renewable energy, environmental, agroecology and sustainability sectors are crucial to this mission. As well as networking opportunities, important roundtable discussions, and the ability to get their voices heard at a regional level, we support our members in the Circular Economy by promoting their work and connecting them with businesses and organisations across the region. The Circular Economy is one of our six impact areas and we are determined to ensure that the conservation of resources and regeneration of the environment are top of the regional agenda.


New active travel route on way for Neath

New active travel route on way for Neath

Neath Port Talbot Council has appointed a contractor to start work on the creation of a new Active Travel route between Neath and Tonna. The route will take users alongside the towpath from Bridge Street in Neath to a point next to the Calor Gas centre in Tonna. Work...

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Swansea schools welcome in a solar-powered New Year!

Swansea schools welcome in a solar-powered New Year!

Two more Swansea schools have completed large solar panel installs with Egni Co-op. A 100kW system was fitted on Morriston Comprehensive just before Christmas, and another 100kW has been completed on Cefn Hengoed Comprehensive in the first week of January. Andrea...

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Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle Charge Point in Dunvant

Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle Charge Point in Dunvant

Gower Power Solar Storage offers EV charging from Tesla battery on community-owned solar farm A 1MW solar farm at Killan Fach farm in Dunvant now has a fully operational battery, releasing green energy from locally-harvested sunshine onto the national grid. The solar...

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Cherry tree gift brings new cheer to city parks

Cherry tree gift brings new cheer to city parks

Visitors to two Swansea parks are enjoying the spectacular sight of 100 new cherry blossom trees. They are gifts to the city from a project linked with the 2019-20 Japan-UK Seasons of Culture which is being celebrated here and in the Land of the Rising Sun. Half have...

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Coastal Communities Adapting Together

Coastal Communities Adapting Together

The Marine Area Statement team are delighted to work with colleagues in the South West to fund Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum’s engagement work package of the ‘Coastal Communities Adapting Together’ project. Its focus is to create engagement tools for local communities...

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ESP’s Day In The Spotlight With Small Biz 100

ESP’s Day In The Spotlight With Small Biz 100

Earth Science Partnership were delighted to have been selected as one of the Small Business Saturday 100 for 2020. Since then we have taken part in some fantastic Small Biz networking and information events. The Blue Tie 2020 virtual event was held earlier this year,...

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Black Pound Day to officially launch across Wales in December

Black Pound Day to officially launch across Wales in December

Swansea Council has become the first local authority to officially endorse the initiative. One of Wales’ most high-profile black entrepreneurs has praised Swansea Council for being the first local authority to publicly support Black Pound Day – and has called on other...

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Kickstart Scheme

Kickstart Scheme As an approved Gateway for the Government’s £2bn Kickstart programme aimed at helping young people back into employment, Pembrokeshire College is urging businesses to get in touch. The Kickstart Scheme...

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