4theRegion is all about action, but we don’t do anything on our own.  We are a community of do-ers, working together across sectors and county lines to make positive change happen.  We are connecting people, running events, facilitating conversations and leading projects in six priority areas:

Buy Regional

If businesses and organisations in this region buy more from each other, we can keep more wealth here in South West Wales, develop our supply chain, and create more opportunities for people and local businesses.

Destination & Tourism

Tourism is a key economic driver for the region.  An integrated, sustainable travel network is essential to prosperity and well-being.  We want to help partners collaborate better across the region to develop both.

Well-being Region

In a fast changing world, we think well-being will be the battleground of the next 10 years, and successful places will be those that build prosperity by prioritising people, health, quality of life, the environment and equality.

Development & Investment

Regeneration is something we should all do together.  How can we ensure that major regional projects are designed and delivered in a way that provides economic and social benefits for the region over the long term?

Circular Economy

A circular economy is restorative and regenerative by design. We must move away from our linear economy (make, use, dispose), closing the loop to conserve resources and ensure long term sustainability.

Creative Economy

The creative economy is everything that relates to human creativity and ideas, IP, knowledge and technology. How can we support more creativity and innovation across our economy?


Our members keep us informed about the challenges and opportunities in their worlds, so we can connect the dots and facilitate greater collaboration.  Become a member to join our Sector Panels and Working Groups – have a voice, share your views and get involved in the mission to transform the region!

Destination & Tourism

Our members in the Destination and Tourism sector are working with us to promote the region of South West Wales as an amazing place to live, work and visit.

Professional Services

Our members in the Professional Services sector support our mission by helping us to connect with their clients and wider networks, and by providing specialist and advice and expertise.

Construction & Development

Our Construction and Development Sector Panel brings together members with an interest in Construction and Development in South West Wales.

Creative & Digital Economy

Our Creative & Digital Sector Panel brings together members with an interest in the creative and digital economy of South West Wales.

Business Support & Networking

4theRegion is a network of networks, bringing together many of the groups and organisations that offer business support, events and networking in South West Wales.

Circular Economy, Energy and Environment

Our members in the renewable energy, environmental, agroecology and sustainability sectors are working with us to transform the economy of South West Wales.


We subscribe to the vision of Wales set out by the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act (2015), and summarised by the seven Well-being Goals.  When we talk about making positive change happen, we mean changes that move us towards these goals – or what we like to call Universal Flourishing.


For us, it’s all about the changemakers.  The amazing individuals who are committed to doing things differently, who are standing up to Be the change they want to see.  We’re here to activate, support and champion changemakers, creating a collective movement to turn small changes into big ones, for the well-being of future generations.


It’s hard to make change happen when no-one’s talking to each other.  In our region, silo-working has reached chronic proportions.  It means effort is wasted with duplication, learning and ideas aren’t being shared, and the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.  It’s vital that we break down silos and enable real collaboration and knowledge-sharing, if we want to see progress and find new solutions.


We’re on a mission to transform the economy and society of our region, by supporting small changes that make big change possible.  We believe in the “the region” as an economic bloc, because it’s both big enough and local enough to mean something – emotionally, economically and environmentally.  And because we think we’re stronger together, pooling our strengths, sharing knowledge, and building resilience across counties.