Swansea Creative Focus Advent Calendar
Day Nine: 09/12/2019

When Patrick Glavee arrived in Swansea from Ireland in 2017 he quickly found outlets for his creative talent. Using BA Graphic Design studies at he University of Wales Trinity St David as a springboard, he formed Type in Lowercase, a creative agency with a specific focus on supporting local SME business.

Recent research by the Cooperative Bank revealed that small to medium sized businesses in Wales are significantly more likely to see themselves as part of their local community than SMEs in other parts of the UK. 83% of Welsh business owners believe they have an important role to play in their local area. These SMEs account for 62% of all employment and 40 per cent of all revenue generated in Wales. Yes, we shop with Amazon and Tesco, but we also support the local artisans who deliver distinctiveness and invention.

Patrick Glavee supports them too, offering creative design services and marketing and advertising consultancy that pinpoints the appeal of a business and helps build a bridge to their target audience. He’s also supporting Swansea’s drive for environmental friendliness. You may well be familiar with his “There’s a Bin” initiative, encouraging the simple act of using public bins to reduce litter. With more and more Swansea residents embracing green initiatives, Patrick’s business and his social projects are gathering momentum. In his own words:

“This city offers so many examples of people coming together to do the right thing. There’s a real appetite for positive social change. In 2020 Type In Lowercase will expand our social projects. We will market Swansea as a forward-thinking, eco-friendly place to be.”

Swansea is home to a quarter of a million people. Those who weren’t born here may come for the Universities, they may come for the culture and they may come for the beach. Whatever the reason, when they get here they’ll find that there are a quarter of a million reasons to stay.

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